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Title: Laced Steel
Series: Steel Crew 3 
Author: MJ Fields
Release Date: July 1, 2020
Designed by: Jersey Girl Design
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

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I traded my plaid skirt for a navy blazer, my religion for a red Solo cup, and finally my Bible for a bong, just to fit in.
He helped me jetรฉ from outcast to the "it girl."
In becoming this new, improved version of myself, my truths became laced with lies.
I thought he was my savior, but it turns out that he was really the devil in designer.

“Pfft, you don’t scare me one bit. My father is more intimidating than you. Now get me some damn towels, and then we’ll be out of your way.”

His Persian blue eyes are now wild and, for some reason, it just riles me up more.

I hear Brisa behind me, now sounding a bit panicked. “She’s drunk. She hardly ever drinks, and—”

A loud clapping distracts me, and I look to where the sound is coming from.

Harrison Reeves is smirking, slowly clapping. “Bravo.”

“Reeves,” Tobias sneers.

“She’s a little actress, Eastman. It’s in my blood to applaud when I see a worthy performance.”

“This isn’t a performance, Reeves,” I snap.

“Oh, Miss Steel, you’re like a little chihuahua with a pit bull attitude—feisty. I really like feisty.”

“Thanks,” I huff. “Now, how about you get me some damn towels and let us be on our merry way?”

I hear the door shut and look around. They left us here … with them.

“Truth,” Brisa whispers as she steps to my side.

“Easton, get the girl some towels”—Harrison smiles menacingly then looks away from me—“before she pisses herself or starts crying.”

“As if,” I huff.

I hear a door slam and have to stop myself from jumping.

Harrison looks back at me, smiling a little playfully now. A little too playfully.

“What is your aversion to being nice?”

He leans in, and I stay standing tall. Well, as tall as I can. Then he whispers, “You weren’t on the guest list. And neither was your cousin. Easton doesn’t appreciate rule breakers. Me, on the other hand, find it fascinating.”

“My bad we didn’t RSVP. We weren’t even going to come. It was a last-minute decision. It’s not Baker or Abhi’s fault.”

“I’m very glad you”—he pauses—“came.”
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I will say this I pulled an all nighter to read this whole book. I couldn't put it down it was that good. This is the story of Truth Steel we know her as Cypus and Tara's daughter. And boy she is for sure theirs with the sassy attitude, and the way she doesn't take crap for anyone. New school and all that has not been all berries and sunshine. For Truth she tells it like it is and who cares what people say or think. When she get's into the face of 4 boys who run the school things are about to change. For her the one man who she wants to throat punch is Tobias. And I will tell you this holy heck that man will make your face warm. These two butt heads and much more. This isn't your normal love story this is so much more than that. Find out though why these two are always at it and how the past ties in. 

About the Author:
MJ Fields is a USA Today bestselling author of new adult and contemporary romance novels. She lives in New York with her daughter and smoochie faced Newfie, Theo.

When she’s not locked away in the cave, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to live music, going to the theatre, singing off key, dancing to her own beat, listening to audio books, and reading— of course.

Forever Steel!

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