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The Abcynians Book IV
Genre: Paranormal Romance


The Royal Advisor to the King of the Abcynians, Nicholas, Duke of Arrington, is inscrutable, lofty, and elusive. A widower with two grown sons and no intention of remarrying, he never expects to meet Miss Regan Saunders while walking through Parade Gardens. Aware that she’s his destined mate, he’s fascinated. For not only is she prepared to push the boundaries of society’s expectations of a gentlewoman to become a doctor, she’s an Abcynian Guard, therefore, capable of protecting his and his family’s secrets.

Due to horrific betrayal by his first duchess, he believes it’s best to court her with the utmost discretion to avoid a scandal that could lead to her ruination. Nevertheless, when Regan becomes the target of a macabre killer, Nicholas will stop at nothing to protect her, including marriage.

Despite the rushed circumstances, it isn’t long before they open their hearts, falling in love, neither aware that an assassin has been plotting with an ancient adversary to destroy the Abcynians for centuries. To expose the truth, they’ll risk everything they hold dear to stop a predator before it’s too late.


“Earlier today, you were burdened by headaches. Did I cause them?”
“You did not. Raziel has been vying to come forth since I arrived in Bath a sennight
ago. As I cannot risk anyone discovering the truth about my family or the Abcynians, I
must resist letting him shift and the struggle creates migraines.”
“Raziel? When I heard your name in my mind, I’d thought it was your middle name.”
“The tiger has been with me since birth and deserved his own name, cantankerous
as he can be. It is how I introduce myself to Abcynians.”
“That’s wonderful. What of your sons?”
“Michael has only just been able to shift places with his tiger, Uriel. Gabriel’s is
Raphael, whom I did not meet until he came home.”
“What do you mean, when he came home?” she asked, sensing an underlying
sadness in Nicholas.
“There is no easy way to tell you of this. For the longest time, Gabriel was missing,
believed dead. He was rescued by Adrian Montgomery, at the time known as Adriano de
Montoya, the privateer captain of the Sea Lion.”
Feeling her throat constrict, she wiped away tears, stunned. “Missing? He was
missing, how? Was it the same as what’d happened to Rhiannon Luciano?”
“It is complicated, kitten, and I will tell you more another time. Suffice it to say, he
was held by Saturians and there wasn’t a day that I did not attempt to find him, either by
commissioning Abcynian privateers or legions of Guards. Should anyone in my family

be taken again in such a fashion, I vow to never stop looking until they’re found, alive or
“I believe you would, Nicholas,” she said, amazed at the genuineness of his love for
his sons. “Tell me, you named your sons and your tiger after the angels, didn’t you?”
“Aye, I’ve been fascinated with them since I was an adolescent. In truth, I used to
write stories of their heavenly adventures.”
“Do you still have them?”
“In my library at Arrington Manor,” he answered, inclining his head. “I do believe you
would like it.”
“If I’m ever able to visit, I’m certain I’d want to spend time there.”
“Kitten, you’re my mate. It is my hope that you’ll make yourself at home wherever
we are, Arrington, Bath, London. I assure you, if you wish to close yourself inside a
library, study, or our suite of rooms, I shall not prevent you. If anything, I would like to
join you.”
“You’re assuming I will accept you as my mate.”
“I am hoping, not assuming. All I’m asking tonight is for the privilege of getting to
know the most fascinating woman I’ve ever had the fortune to meet.”
“How is that possible? You’ve been in the company of duchesses and countesses.
How can I compare?”
“I compare you to no one.”
“Not even your duchess? The mother of your sons?” she asked, immediately
regretting it, for he withdrew as if she’d physically slapped him. “I’m sorry, I should never
have spoken of such.”
Lowering her eyes, she didn’t know what to expect until his hand came to her chin,
tilting her head back. “You’ve my permission to ask whatever you wish. You may not like
my answers at times, Regan, but I will never lie to you. My duchess was a complicated,
nefarious woman who wanted everything to do with the Arrington title except for me.”
“How long were you married to her?”
“Three hundred years. Fortunately, being the Duke and Duchess of Arrington
afforded us anonymity, as very few would know or address us by our given names.
Though there were times when our Guards or my brother Braden and his wife
Alexandria had to act in our stead. Those were the easiest times, as we’d largely live
separately until duty called us back together.”
“She hurt you, didn’t she?”
“Sabine’s cruelty nearly cost our oldest son's life more than once. I tell you true,
Regan, had she stabbed me through the heart with a gold dagger it would’ve been more
bearable than knowing what he endured because of her treachery.”
Heart breaking for him and his son, she caught a glimpse of his vulnerability and
she sat up, desiring only to ease the pain she’d witnessed in his deep blue eyes. His
hand beneath her chin trembling, the realization that his oldest son’s disappearance
must’ve been caused by his own mother bringing tears to her eyes that she couldn’t
“Woud that I could erase yours and Gabriel’s pain,” she said, knowing that it wasn’t

enough. “I know, I can feel the betrayal, the loss, the fear, and I swear upon my good
name, if we were to marry, I would never harm you, your sons, or any children we may
have together. Please, believe that.”
“It is the same vow I offer to you, kitten, though you should know that I’ve every
intention of making you my own,” he said, sweeping his free hand through his long
silken creamy blond and dark sable-streaked hair.
“We cannot give in to temptation, yet,” she cautioned.
“Then you do feel it, too, Regan.”
“I want to tell you that I don’t, but I refuse to lie.”
“Should you wish it, I will go,” he insisted, remaining very still, the warmth of his
body enveloping her, his delicious scent enticing.
“Stay, for a little longer. I’m not ready to go back to being nothing to you but a lady’s
companion,” she confessed, placing her hand upon his shoulder, if only to keep him
right there next to her.
In response, he tucked his left hand at the small of her back, dragging her right up
against his chest and unyielding thighs. Merciful Creator, he was strong, hard in places
she longed to explore, his soft hair tickling the backs of her knuckles.
“I know little of what happens between a man and a woman, do you think you might
like to kiss me someday?”
“I’d rather kiss you right now,” he said, bending his head until she felt the first touch
of his mouth against hers.
Breathing deep, she took it all in, the taste of him, the feel of his arms about her, the
wonder of being kissed by Nicholas Blakemore. Closing her eyes, she cherished the
sensation of his lips feathering against hers, the quest of his tongue, the kiss becoming
increasingly erotic. In that moment, he ceased being a duke and became a powerful
Abcynian male who invited her to play, to take a little pleasure for herself.

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My love for storytelling began when I created my first fictional characters in kindergarten, convincing my family and friends that Red Henry and Green Henry were identical twin brothers in my school. They were mischievous, rarely did their homework, and even had girlfriends! Years later, I started to write, completing my first manuscript in middle school. I confess the heroine was a cross between a contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder and Nancy Drew, who’d been dating one of the Hardy Boys, but when I wrote “the end” I’d known I had more stories to tell.

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