Fight For My Heart

After being hurt in the worst way, Taleah Bryant tries to move on with her life. Shes in college has a new best friend and is avoiding her twin brother and ex-boyfriend at all costs.

On move in day Taleah goes to a fight with her roommate and meets the most intriguing pair of hazel eyes she's ever seen.

Vin has always been a play boy. Fight, sex, and not caring has always been routine. Before his fight he finally sees the girl that will change his world.

Family tears them apart, a mistake brings them together, and girlfriends sabotage their love.

Who can be trusted? Whose to blame? And will love ever be enough?

Due to mature content 18 & over!***

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Ant, the 30-year old guy, the younger dude, and Mr. Fuck-me Eyes, walked over to where Cadence and I were standing.

Ant introduced them. “This is Mark.” He looked at the man for reassurance of his name before continuing. Vincent’s trainer, co-manager and Rico, Vin’s best friend and sparring partner, and this is Vincent”.

Cadence extended her hand to them and shook theirs. 

“Don’t even think about Te.” Cadence nudged my shoulder with hers, directing her eyes to Vin. I looked at her confused. “Ant has told me things about him and after what you have already been through, let’s just say he puts what Dom did to you to shame.” I trusted her and her opinion, but there was something about him. And she would know after having to be there for me more than once in the past 6 months while I nursed a broken heart. I was still taking in her words as stood there locking eyes with Vincent and then I finally snapped back into reality when he closed the distance and kissed me.

What the hell?!

I pulled back and looked wide-eyed at him. Then suddenly he was gone, not gone as in I imagined him. But gone as in, Dom pulled him away before we got to the good part. Why Dom thought he still had a say in my life was fucking foolish and if I must say reckless, by the way Vin was now looking at him. I swear I told Tony and Dom to treat me as if I wasn’t Dom’s girl before we left…didn’t I? 

Fuck this! I tore Dom’s hand off of Vincent and punched him in the throat…again. You would think the man needed to get his tonsils out as many times I’ve done that shit. I could hear Cadence cursing after me as I pulled Vincent by the arm so he couldn’t beat the shit out of my brother who was in shock until a second ago, and walked away.

Vincent looked at me then kissed me again. Who was this guy? I mean seriously. “Hey,” I said pulling away. I didn’t know him or why he felt like kissing me. I backed up again against the wall trying to catch my breath, but when I looked up I finally saw those damn eyes. Hazel. That’s all I kept thinking. Who the hell has hazel eyes so perfect that you can get lost in every color you see in them? Me. That’s who.

“Hi, I’m sorry I just needed to kiss you for some reason. I’m very sorry” Vincent said, looking at me like I was his next breath.

“Hi, I’m Taleah,” I say, not moving, just looking into those damn eyes.

“I’m Vincent Santiago” he reached for my hand. I took it and automatically felt that sudden spark. Wow! I thought; this is a fairy tale kind of thing, but no it was real life, my life.

Boy oh boy, gimme a break, can my body get any more worked up than it is right now? Listen to me thinking about fairytales including a man I just met.

“I’m Taleah Bryant,” I told him shaking his hand.

“Wow, I saw you and I swear I felt my heart burst. Fuck! That sounds like a line” He smiled shyly.

I laughed at him. I mean what else could I do? Yes, I’m used to guys hitting on me. I know I’m a pretty girl, especially with the curves and more than a few times people try to guess my eye color. But, Him noticing me was beyond my wildest dreams. I took a look at him finally; I mean really looked at him. HOLY SHIT!!! Those eyes weren’t the only thing I figured I loved about him. Nope, those perfect cheekbones, along with that perfect nose (for being a fighter I expected him to have a crooked nose, hmmm back to that later), square jaw and pouty lips, that his damn tongue was running across this very minute. Oh stop! Wait! Is he trying to taste me? I thought wide-eyed!

“Don’t do that” he whispered.


“What are you doing here?” I said. 

“I haven’t seen you at any of my fights,” Vin said. 

I was a bit taken aback by his forwardness, seeing as his ass has a fiancé!!! 

“What, the fiancé isn’t giving you what you need?” I asked him, putting my bags away and then turning around to face the sexiness that was his ass. 

“Fiancé?” he looked at me like I lost my damn mind, not like I didn’t see that big ring on her finger only three weeks ago. 

‘Yes, you know, the woman who had a ring with diamonds on?” Why the hell did that come out as a question? Even I doubted my eyes for a minute. 

“HA!, no not my fiancé, she wants to be, HELL even our families have planned the big day since we were born, but again as I said N-O, no fiancé, she wears that ring to warn girls off” he explained. 

I looked at him for a minute trying to see if he was serious and OMG he was. He didn’t crack a smile or flinch. “But, I heard through the grapevine that a certain best friend of mine was interested in you and tried to get at you when you walked away from me and I didn’t like that at all.” Ohh.. I like a man who can take some control. 

“Well like I told Rico, no thank you I’m not interested.” I smiled at him. 

“And why is that?” he asked. 

“Because a pair of hazel eyes and lips that kissed me not once but twice that night just happened to ruin my night, know anyone I may be talking about?” I tried to go for an innocent look. He stood from the bed, and we had to have looked lost in our own world as the tension crackled between us. I could feel every nerve on end, but I wouldn’t back down. 

All of a sudden I was on my bed and ripping clothes off. Wow! He’s good is all I thought about. 

Maybe I should have told him I was damn near a virgin, I know I know; you cannot be a damn near virgin, but I only had sex twice, and girls like me shouldn’t go around kissing boys they don’t know, and I was with Dom for damn near two years, but oh man he was too irresistible to say no to most of the time. 

He was kissing and licking my neck, and I couldn’t formulate the words to admit that I was not expecting this visit to go down like this, but all I now know is that I needed him. 

I reached for his shirt and when he took it off I finally had a full view of all that God made beautiful! Oh Lord in Heaven, please let him be real. 

“Yeah, close your mouth baby, I’m real alright” he told me chuckling. Oh, did I say that out loud? Oh well who cares at this point?!!! All I know is I saw all kinds of tattoos running down his arms, chest, and I’m assuming his back. On his collarbone was lips, whose? It looked new. 

“Those are yours baby,” he told me when I ran my finger over them, my head snapped up to his in confusion when he said that to me. “It sounds crazy, but when I kissed you, you left lip gloss on my lips and I kissed a napkin to save it, then a couple of days ago I took it to my boy and had him ink it on me, but I didn’t want anyone to see it because you were special to me,” he looked away sheepishly, but I brought his face back to me and kissed him, then kissed my own lips tattooed on his skin. 

I know most people don’t believe in love at first sight, and I thought it was only lust, but what I found myself experiencing with him was something so deep I had tears in my eyes. I mean who does this? Who falls for the fighter they don’t know? Who is unexperienced and about 2 seconds from dropping her panties for a man? 

“Vin?” I asked looking in his eyes. He brought his lips to mine silencing me. I ran my hands down his chest and into his shorts and felt my first feel of him….is that…NO!...Yes! It is! He has his dick pierced! And not just pierced, BUT OMG he has many piercings! 

I looked at him in awe, then terrified, he just laughed at me then nodded his head yes. “Yeah, baby that’s real”. 

I don’t think we were talking about the same thing, then, I felt him harden and really got scared. That thing he had was a monster of a beast and for being my first time I thought I should probably let him know why I was now trembling. 

He lifted my shirt up and over my head; my back was pressed into the mattress and my shorts, bra, and panties then followed. I looked to my clock to make sure Cadence wouldn’t be back anytime soon and that my brother and Dom wouldn’t interrupt us. 


When Vin sees what I ordered he gets up and inspects it like it’s going to kill me. Checking the tacos and testing the meat. We all sit back in our chairs and watch; he doesn’t even seem to notice anything is wrong. When he’s satisfied, he sits down again like nothing happened and begins to eat. I’m still shocked he had the nerve to touch my food. You never touch a pregnant lady’s meal. 

“Um, excuse me, safety inspector gadget, but what was that about?” I point to my plate. 

“I was making sure my daughter doesn’t get sick.” He smiles happily like he won a fucking award for his safety patrol. 

“Be careful man, last week she tried to cut me over the last Oreo, It wasn’t a good day, I had to see the sports trainer because I thought I wouldn’t be able to throw at my next game.” Tony is being dramatic I stabbed him with a fork. Fork! That doesn’t hurt that much. 

“Well next time I say no one touches my cookies, I mean it.” I smile. They stare at me like I’m crazy and shake their heads laughing at me. I guess I need to calm down. 

“I wouldn’t mind getting some of your cookies.” Vin smirks and looks at my boobs that are barely contained by my top. I feel my nipples harden and have to look down, because those eyes get me every time. When I look up again he’s still looking at them and licking his lips. Marco snaps his fingers in front of Vin’s face and shakes his head no. 

“No uh huh, no happening. Nope! No no no! I refuse to let you two be near each other. You wanted to buy some girly stuff for my granddaughter. That’s why you’re here. You will be dropped off after we leave the mall.” His voice is firm and I bite back a giggle threatening to escape. 

Vin looks at my boobs again like a lost puppy so I jiggle them a bit, and his eyes fly to mine. Oh no they are very heated and I start to squirm. “I need to use the bathroom, be right back.” I smile his way, but Cadence jumps up proclaiming to go with me, I sigh and trudge off looking back at him. He looks just as displeased as me. 




Come Together



T.S. Dooley is Texas born and raised. A librarian, mother, and military wife. After being a blogger for so long, she decided it was time to tell her own story, and alas you have met Vin and Taleah. The book took a while, but finally found its way to the pages of the story you are about to read or have already read. I am so thankful to everyone who supported my work, and can only hope you all love it as well. The first story of many to come in fact.

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