Sparrow & HAWKE Release


Title: Sparrow & Hawke
Series: Birdsong Trilogy #1
Author: Nina Lane
Genre: Forbidden Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2022


My attraction to her is wrong. I’m like the serpent in the Garden of Eden targeting Eve. Corrupting her.

I understand the serpent, though. When you’ve seen the worst of humanity, taken the brunt of evil, you crave purity and goodness. You want compassion and courage, even when it comes in a girl far too young and innocent for the likes of you.

He says I’m too young and he’s too experienced.
He thinks I’m pure and he’s ruined.
He swears I don’t know enough and he knows too much.
He walks away because I’m fragile and he’s broken.

I want him, even though he can’t want me...
But he does.




The bathroom door clicks open.
With a start, I turn.
He’s paused in the doorway, wearing a pair of loose flannel pants and white T-shirt that clings to his shower-damp torso. A towel is looped around the back of his neck, and his hair is so wet it glistens.
My gaze locks on his chest, the landscape of hard slopes and ridges visible through the thin cotton. Water drips from his hair to his throat and cascades downward in little waterfalls. I have a sudden urge to become one of those droplets, winding my way over his body.
A hot glow fires in a deep, secret part of myself.
Tightening my grip on my bag, I indicate the stairs. “I’ll…um, wait in the kitchen.”
“I’ll just be a few minutes.”
I hurry downstairs. My nerves are like little electrical wires. Part of me is aware that this new level of noticing Darius isn’t right.
But why does it feel so…momentous?
I imagine this is what a bird feels like right before flying for the first time—nervous, excited, and trembling in anticipation of the wild, exhilarating leap into the sky.


Releasing March 15


Releasing April 5



Though she was born and raised in California, Nina Lane now lives in Wisconsin where the winters are freezing and the cheese is exceptional. Mom to two teenagers and a neurotic dog, she lives in two worlds—one world of laundry, driving, horses, Girl Scouts, and football, and the other of epic romances between hot alpha heroes and the women who bring them to their knees. Nina only cooks when she can’t avoid it (i.e., there are no frozen pizzas left), binge-watches serial TV whenever she can get control of the remote, and checks in about the weather daily with her meteorologist husband. She’s a fan of popcorn, actual print magazines, French Roast coffee, working out, and trying new things...especially if it’s food.



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