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7 deadly sins...7 romance authors...7 novellas. NOW AVAILABLE!
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PRIDE by Scott Hildreth
Fisher Knox's pride has him staring down the barrel of a gun to defend a woman he doesn't even know. Little do the assailants know, this wouldn't be the first time Fisher has killed a man.
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GREED by Geri Glenn
He swoops in like a fantasy and steals my heart, but his insatiable greed will ruin us both.
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SLOTH by Max Henry
One fateful night, one stolen kiss, and I’m determined to prove he does care about something … me.
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WRATH by Gwyn McNamee
When love is ripped away, wrath invades my soul, blinding my vision and feeding my bloodlust—it feels like coming home.
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ENVY by Kerri Ann
Seeing it firsthand, feeling their wants, and dealing with the confessions of the fake repentant souls that cross my threshold, it leaves me wanton—envious of their absolution.
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LUST by FG Adams
Lust controls every action between us when we meet, a hunger so powerful it consumes us both--until the unthinkable happens and she disappears.
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My damnable past follows me everywhere, so I live with one set rule:
Only one thing matters, even if that one thing cost me everything.
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Okay let's see this anthology was so powerful and so gut wrenching. Each book has their own issues from death to greed to chaos. I can't even put into words as I was going to do individual reviews for each book, but I feel because they are novellas that I didn't want to give anything away. I will say this one of these books was very hard to read, but I did it. Sometimes we have to have faith in the authors that they will give us grade A books. And these authors go above an A+ 5 stars.


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