Author: Dylan McFadyen
Title: Oblivion's Triumph
Series: Oblivion's Galaxy, Book 3
Genre: Science fiction/Space opera
Release Date: August 24, 2023
Cover Designer: MiblArt

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Shaara is running out of friends.

The sacrifices she and Warden made two years ago bought the League time, not victory. The war against the Undying has left them exhausted, drained of everything but hope—and precious little of that. The simple fact is that the Undying are going to win. Warden knows it, Shaara knows it. The Undying sure as hell know it.

Until, out of the black, the Eternal comes to Shaara with an offer she can’t refuse, however much she’d like to. The threat he warned her about two years ago is real, and now it’s come calling. It cares nothing for their little war. All life in the galaxy, Undying or not, will end if it spreads unchecked. Shaara and the Eternal have little choice but to work together to destroy it . . . At least, for now.

But people on both sides aren’t happy with an alliance, however temporary. Some of them are willing to risk all life just for a shot at power—and revenge. If Shaara can’t find a way to defeat them, she and the few friends she has left will lose more than their lives.

They’ll lose everything.

 Welcome to Oblivion's Galaxy 

Oblivion’s Galaxy is set in a distant future dominated by fractious, selfish alien powers. Earth is a barren, self-immolated world, remembered by few, inhabited by none. The last remnants of humanity are an enslaved diaspora, a footnote in galactic history.

First Lieutenant Shaara is one of the few exceptions: a free human, second in command of a mercenary company. Aboard the mysterious AI-powered warship Warden, she and her comrades have fought in dozens of campaigns across the galaxy. But after discovering a derelict human ship lost during Earth’s final days, they will embark upon a mission far more dangerous than anything they’ve taken on before.

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First Lieutenant Shaara was dead this morning.

Her captain is furious at her. She wasted company resources getting herself killed, and it’s coming out of her paycheck. Now, she’s sitting across from the first other human being she’s seen in six years. His name is Adnan. He claims to come from Earth—but that’s impossible. Earth died a long time ago. If Adnan’s telling the truth, he and the decaying ship the captain pulled him off are nearly a thousand years old.

Wherever he’s from, he’s Shaara’s responsibility now. Which is the last thing she needs. But it’s either that, or the captain sells Adnan into slavery. Shaara knows what that would mean. Most humans do. And something inside her won’t let her abandon Adnan to it: revenant memories, stabbed awake by the look in his eyes.

Facing those memories won’t be easy. It’d be far easier to ignore the feeling driving her forward. Far easier to let it all go to hell, and drift back to sleep.

Until a shadowy new faction starts stoking the fires of war. They’re looking for Adnan; Earth’s last survivor holds the key to unleash a terrible, indiscriminate vengeance on the galaxy that wronged them. Who they are is a mystery—to everyone but Shaara. Hard as she’s tried to forget, she knows them all too well. Which means she’s the only one who can stop them.

The question is: does she want to? Maybe the galaxy’s earned a little vengeance.

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Shaara never asked to be in charge.

Since taking command of the mysterious AI warship Warden, and the eccentric mercenary company that calls him home, she’s only accepted jobs that let her conscience sleep at night. The trouble is, those jobs don’t pay too well. After more than a year of fighting for the downtrodden, the exploited, and the oppressed, the Wardens’ coffers are running dry.

So when they get a suspicious but lucrative offer from a pariah republic on the fringe of galactic politics, Shaara ignores the warning voice in her head and accepts. Of course, the voice is right—it usually is.

The contract takes the Wardens to the edges of explored space; there, in the vast darkness beyond the galactic core, a great and terrible force is gathering—a foe far deadlier than they’ve ever fought. The galaxy’s not ready to face it. Has Shaara saved them all from Gaeus Nemesis just to die another day?

What’s more, this new enemy holds the key to another mystery. As they fight for their lives, Shaara and Corax are forced to ask themselves a question they hoped they’d never have to: How much do they really know about Warden?

And can they trust him?

Dylan has been writing science fiction stories since he was old enough to write. He’s been writing original science fiction stories—discounting admittedly awesome fully illustrated Star Trek and Star Wars fan fiction—since he was twelve.

Other than sci-fi and storytelling, Dylan loves history. He has a master’s degree in international relations and conflict, and to this day spends as much time reading history as anything else.

When not reading or writing, Dylan enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Victoria, particularly watching yet more stories, from brilliant favorites like Battlestar Galactica and The Expanse, to joyously terrible films like Miami Connection and Samurai Cop. He also enjoys long walks with their dog, El Doggo, who is the fabled Goodest Boy.

Finally, Dylan enjoys shooting sports, and like all good children of the 90s, video games. He’s played more hours of modded XCOM 2 than some babies have been alive.

He also has a Lord of the Rings tattoo, which in a way tells you everything else you need to know.


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