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We End With Us

Harling Hill Duet Book 2

By Tara Lee


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What to expect:

⚜️ Why choose

⚜️ Bi- Awakening

⚜️ MM

⚜️ Angsty

⚜️ Drama

⚜️ Alpha hero's

⚜️ secrets uncovered

⚜️ St@lker

⚜️ Possessive/ OT heroes

⚜️ A bond like no other


We All Fall Down: Book 1 

is available now.


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That day changed everything, the day he saved me. 

The guilt made the darkness a part of me—of us, I couldn't accept what had been done, 

But they own me, nothing has ever felt so right, I'm exactly where I should be, until everything changes.

The lies destroyed us, ripping us apart until only our pain was left behind. 

Can we accept what tore us apart or would I be forced to choose only one of them?

Will we find out who's stalking Nova? Will the boys finally come clean about their pasts, or will it destroy everything they have built with Nova? 

About Tara Lee:

Tara lives in Hobart, Tasmania Australia with her husband her college sweetheart, son and daughter

She is a qualified baker by trade and loves to read in her spare time.

She's obsessed with books, shoes and handbags.

She fell in love with writing while on maternity leave with her son she had stories in her head and had to get them out.

She's always been a lover of romance and sweet stories she cant get enough of.

She finally took the leap in 2018 putting pen to paper creating her first romance novel. Eli and Charlotte were the first characters that ran through her mind wanting their story told. They are the first couple from her Pleasant Grove Series each couple has been fighting for their story to be told next.

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