Winter is starting to look a whole lot HOTTER!! Get your blankets and hot cocoa ready, The Kane Christmas series is coming October 22nd!!   PREORDER TODAY! MY FAKE CHRISTMAS FIANCE by Julie Kriss Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kmPtfW SANTA BABY MAYBE by S. Doyle Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RxmbPj HOW MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND STOLE CHRISTMAS by M. O’Keefe Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZJ4XDa     MY FAKE CHRISTMAS FIANCE (Kane Christmas Book 1) by Julie Kriss   PREORDER TODAY! Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kmPtfW   Blurb: Dear Wesley Kane, We are not getting married. I know we had to get engaged as part of our companies’ merger plans, but a fake engagement is all I’ll agree to. For business purposes. We are never, ever getting married. We have nothing in common. I’m the nerdy do-gooder girl with glasses and you’re the playboy with a new woman on his arm every week. I’m not your type, and you’re not mine. Okay, so you’re incredibly gorgeous. And funny. And you keep giving me That Look. And you’ve ditched all your other girlfriends for me. And I’ve seen you in nothing but your boxer shorts, and I’m still thinking about it. Because…wow. We have to be married by midnight Christmas Eve, and the deadline is getting closer. It doesn’t matter if you might be my dream guy. It doesn’t matter if I’m falling for you—it’s just a business deal. We are never, ever— Oh God, I just kissed you again.     SANTA BABY MAYBE (Kane Christmas Book 2) by S. Doyle PREORDER TODAY! Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RxmbPj   Blurb: A Christmas Romance Joy I’m the head ornament designer at Kane Co. Which is a job you can actually have, if you’re willing to work with uptight, impossible, Chief Financial Officer W.B. Darling. Who, unfortunately, happens to be incredibly gorgeous. My holiday season with W.B.? Here it goes: Five blind dates with other women. Because he’s looking for someone entirely different from a free spirit artist. Four incredibly sweet moments. Because when we’re together things are just so easy between us. Three jerk face statements. Because the second I think we’re getting closer he pushes me away. Two incredible kisses. And because sometimes kissing isn’t enough it leads to well… more than kissing. One baby. Maybe.     HOW MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND STOLE CHRISTMAS (Kane Christmas Book 3) by M. O’Keefe   PREORDER TODAY! Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZJ4XDa   Blurb: I have one Christmas wish: to get Sam Porter, my brother’s best friend and the man I’ve loved from a distance for most of my life – to notice me. To really notice me. So, I’m doing that super cheesy thing where I get all dressed up at the Kane Co. Holiday party in the hopes he’ll see what he’s been missing. And for the span of a blackout every one of my sex dreams about Sam come true. But then the lights come back on and he pushes me away with both hands. So now I’m done with him. Done with his handsome face, and his not-so-hidden pain and all our inside jokes. And my love for him – I’m really done with that. But Sam has been discharged from the Marines, and my brother has hired him on at Kane Co. In the shipping department. Where I’m the boss. And he’s…irresistible. But Sam has his own Christmas wish and it’s me he’s wanted all along.    


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