Sunshine's Grump Release


Title: Sunshine's Grump
Series: The Billionaire's Betasitter #1
Author: Merri Bright
Genre: Contemporary Omegaverse Romantic Comedy
Tropes: Billionaire Boss/Age Gap Romance
Release Date: April 13, 2023


They’ve got a knotty, yacht-y problem.


He’s the most notorious grump in the world. An irresistibly sexy billionaire. And my new boss.
But I’m only on his megayacht for the money. If I can make it through the week, I’ll have enough to keep my slightly illegal betasitting business afloat, convince my parents I have what it takes to be the captain of my fate, and sail off into the sunrise.
It’ll be fine, as long as I don't fall off the yacht.
Or fall on Grumpy’s one-eyed pocket pirate.
Or fall in love.


She’s not a beta. She’s not a sitter. And she sure as hell can’t be my true mate, because the ray of sunshine taking care of my niece is everything I don’t need.
A gorgeous gold digger, eighteen years younger than me, and so sweet she makes my teeth ache to claim her as mine.
For the week at least. Or maybe forever.
It’ll be fine, I’ll just keep her at a distance. How hard could I be?
I mean, how hard could it be?

Sunshine’s Grump is an age gap, omegaverse, billionaire Rom-Com with a happy ever after.



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“Miss, are you here for the wedding?”
A man stepped out of the small boat, dressed in a crisp white maritime uniform.
The wedding. The NDA had said this was a wedding gig. But this couldn’t be the place. Not by the water. The ocean. The most dangerous place in the world for a person like me.
I’d rather be in the dentist’s chair.
I’d rather be slurping warm oysters by the bucketful.
I’d rather be marrying a man who smelled like the runniest blue cheese in the world, stuffed inside the dirtiest old socks.
“No, not me! No boats for me, thanks!” I chirped, walking backward while I fished in my purse for my phone. I’d sent off my contracts, but hadn’t received any details other than the address, length, and event type. I’d assumed the job was in a mansion near the waterfront. If I’d known it was a boat, I would never have taken it, no matter how much it paid.
The sailor called out again, “Miss? Can I at least help you with your case?”
I waved him off again, pulling my suitcase backward like a demented crab. “All a terrible misunderstanding!” I replied, starting to turn. But my heel caught on something, and I slipped. My knee buckled as I began to fall.
My suitcase tipped over with a thump, but I never hit the ground.
Something warm, hard, and smelling like warm chocolate and coffee, pressed against my back. I peered down at my waist.
Massive, firm hands wrapped around me, the skin slightly darker than tan. No rings, but a sprinkling of dark hairs and—holy hell, I’d never seen fingers that looked like they worked out. But if I squinted I could actually see… definition.
“Finger muscles?” I murmured, touching one of them. “Who has finger muscles?”
“Finger what? Who the hell are you?” The deep, alpha voice had every single one of the hairs on my entire body standing on end.
I sucked in a breath to answer, got a lungful of that rich, decadent scent, and the words I meant to say came out as a moan. The man actually growled.
“Are you on drugs?”
Holy crud, I was acting like I was in heat! I shook my head and pulled away from the addictive warmth of the arms that held me, and turned to face my rescuer. “I’m so sorry, Mr.…” I began, before I saw him.
I tried to speak, but my lips were no longer listening to my brain. No, the only parts of my body that were answering any sort of call to action were my ovaries. I pressed one hand against my abdomen as a thrumming pulse below my waist began to beat out the ancient, doubled drumbeat that chanted: Al-pha. Al-pha. Al-pha.




Merri Bright writes stories filled with magic, since those are the books she loves to read. She spends her days dreaming about naughty angels, misunderstood demons, sexy shifters, growly Alpha males, and frequently refuses to limit her heroines to just one love interest. Please join Merri’s Mischief Makers on Facebook where you’ll discover random giveaways, sneak peeks of new novels, book recommendations, and silly/sexy/funny stuff.


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