Friday, March 24, 2017


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I Wanna Get Laid by Kade is out now!  Check out the new contemporary romance everyone is talking about, written by duo Nikki Ashton & Victoria Johns.  Head on over to to enter their release day giveaway.  

If you lived on the streets and someone offered to change your life, would you? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? But, what if changing your life ruined that of the one person who cared about you? The one person who you cared about in return.

That’s what happened to me, Kade Sutton.

I became the star of a reality TV show, a show that was a catalogue of lies and duplicity. The show meant I got to spend time with Daisy Ingles, a girl whose beautiful smile brightened up my day, every day. This show also meant that I betrayed her. This show gave me many things, but I lost an awful lot too.

Set within the world of reality TV, ‘I Wanna Get Laid by Kade’ will have you hissing and booing at the bad guys, and cheering on the good ones. Kade will make you fall in love with him and Daisy will make you want to fight her corner.

With love, sex and betrayal this is a book you just can’t miss – it’s the path you’re meant to take.
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When this story starts you are immediately pulled in by Daisy Ingles, she is this simple women who works for Cruella (not even kidding I think she beats her), anyways back to the story. Daisy lives a simple life she just needs to work and make as much money as she can. Everyday she stops and talks to the homeless man who has melted her heart in a friendly manner. She believes in second chances, but doesn't know his story of why he's on the street and continues down that path. Kade Sutton has been on the streets for years, doing what he can with his pup by his side. Everyday it brightens when Daisy walks by and stops for talks. She doesn't care that he is dirty and smells, she doesn't care he's homeless, she just cares. When the studio decides it needs a big hit and her boss walks by them the idea hits. Take a homeless man and make him a millionaire on TV. Kind of like the bachelor only this one has a twist and her name is Daisy. While Kade cleans up amazingly, Daisy can't help wonder why she is where she is and why Kade wants her by his side. But what happens when things because a little to real? 

This story is full of love, trust, sex, and the ultimate betrayal, but who will come out of it unscathed? And who will be leaving heartbroken? Will Daisy be able to keep her job or walk away from all the drama that has surrounded her? Can Kade keep his down to earth attitude or will the fame get him to turn?

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