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HUNTER Release

  Hunter (The Stewards of Skagway #3) by Katy Regnery is now live! New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery is back with her third Stewarts of Skagway romance! Hunter Stewart has a history of falling hard and fast, but when he met Isabella Gonzalez the rate of his drop was both savage and supersonic. They shacked up for a weekend of physical bliss, and stayed in touch when Isabella headed back to Seattle. But a few weeks later, Isabella called it quits. This summer, Isabella’s back in Alaska as a contestant on the new reality show, The Astonishing Race: Alaska! On the first day of filming, she'll be surprised to discover that Hunter’s part of the show, too! From the panhandle to the far north, with challenges galore, these two will set off sparks that could melt the whole state. Get ready, get set... and may the best “player” win! ***** THE STEWARTS OF SKAGWAY Six siblings. Six love stories. The Stewarts of Skagway. A small but mighty outpost on the very edge of the Alaska

BARRETT Cover Reveal

  Title: Barratt (Broken Falls, #4)   Author: Laramie Briscoe   Genre: Contemporary Romance   Release Date:July 26, 2024   Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. Barrett Grant is wild AF with hips he knows how to use, and he’s also eleven years younger than me… Gabby Get Baked is the culmination of every dream I had as a twenty-something. A dream my ex-husband stomped like a bug beneath the tip of his expensive Italian leather shoe. When I left with nothing more than my dignity and a vintage stand mixer I found at a thrift store, all I wanted was to be happy. Promised myself I wouldn’t settle until that happened. Years later, it’s finally happening in the small town of Broken Falls, WV. My dreams are coming true, my happiness is so close I can reach out and touch it. But my secrets? They won’t stay buried forever. Especially where Barrett Grant is concerned. Barrett I messed up big time with Gabby, the hot, older, owner of Get Baked. I had no business swiping right if I wasn’t

Dashkov Crime Family Series

  Dashkov Crime Family Series Author: Jo McCall Genre: Dark Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers/Forced Marriage Touch Her and Die Release Date: May 5, 2024 SHATTERED PIECES Ava Ward is mine... Mine to use. To bend. To break. I’ll bind her to me. First with my ring on her finger and then in my bed. Her innocence is like a drug. The Little Red Riding Hood to my Big Bad Wolf. She can fight me all she wants, but the secrets of her past are the key to my future, and I won’t let anything stand in my way. This isn’t about love. It’s about revenge. She is nothing more than a pawn to move across the chessboard as I see fit for my pleasure and my needs. And she’ll either fall in line or I will devour her. ADD TO GOODREADS PURCHASE LINKS AMAZON  US  /  UK  /  CA  /  AU UNIVERSAL Free in Kindle Unlimited SHATTERED REVELATIONS The world around me is shadowed in lies. Those I believed I could trust have become my enemies. The wolves are crowding at the door, clawing to get a


  Title: The Copper Valley Fireballs The Complete Series Author: Pippa Grant Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: May 30, 2024 BLURB Meet the Copper Valley Fireballs, baseball's lovable losers whose hot heroes are determined to turn this team around and resisting finding love along the way! This box set includes four full-length romantic comedies and a bonus novella. About the books: Jock Blocked is a home run of a feel-good romantic comedy featuring the world’s most superstitious sports fan, baseball’s oldest virgin hero, a rogue meatball, an adorable puppy with a cussing problem, and a happily ever after more satisfying than a game-winning grand slam. Real Fake Love is a line drive straight to the heart featuring a grumpy athlete, a jilted bride, a fake relationship, and the world’s laziest cat. It stands alone and comes complete with sibling rivalry, the world’s most awkward shower scene, and a sweetly satisfying happily ever after. The Grumpy Player Next Door

FORCEFUL protector Release

  Title: Forceful Protector Series: Ruthless Guardians #2 Author: Via Mari Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Small Town/Morally Gray Anti-Hero Touch Her and Die/Bodyguard Protector Release Date: May 30, 2024 BLURB Garrett I’m a man who people don’t want to meet. The wheelman you don’t take home to Mamma, unless you need someone, exactly like me. When asked to do a job for the crime family, it should be easy. Drive to Deadwood, South Dakota and make certain no one hassles the casino owners who my bosses protect. Easy enough, except for the fiery, red-headed beauty who will do whatever it takes to keep her family home. At least, until the price becomes far too much for her to pay. Our rivals should have thought this through because now they’ll deal with the Angel’s Guardian. No one touches Lacy, and they will learn that lesson today. Forceful Protector is the explosive second book in the Ruthless Guardians series by International Best-Selling Author, Via Mari. You will lov

AN Inevitable MARRIAGE Release

  Title: An Inevitable Marriage Series: Destined Vows #2 Author: A.K. MacBride Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Arranged Marriage/Billionaire Curvy Girl/He Falls First Release Date: May 30, 2024 BLURB He needs a wife. She needs her dad's hospital bills taken care of. Desperate to keep my mother’s legacy alive, I agree to marry a stranger to secure my inheritance. At first, a no-strings-attached marriage of convenience seems perfect. However, I didn’t expect Everlee Sutton to be so witty… or beautiful. From the moment we meet, her piercing eyes captivate me in ways I didn’t think possible. One look, one curve of her luscious red mouth, and deep in my soul, I already know she's everything I never knew I wanted. And what starts as a simple business transaction becomes more. Unexpected feelings emerge, causing the walls I’ve built around myself to crumble at her feet. But I have secrets. Secrets that could cost me—us—everything. Unfortunately, skeletons have a way o