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WELCOME TO Winterville Release

  WELCOME TO WINTERVILLE By CARRIE ELKS Genre: Small town, steamy enemies to lovers romance. #New Series #CarrieElks #Romance #Winterville **NOW LIVE** BUY NOW Amazon US Link: Amazon UK Link: Universal Link: Goodreads: BLURB: He's determined to bulldoze her childhood dreams. She'll fight him with everything she has - including her heart... When a ruthless company buys Holly Winter’s small home town, she’s determined to stop them. But then she meets the CEO. Josh Gerber is handsome, smooth, and disgustingly successful. He’s also the man that Holly spent a night with eight years ago. And now he’s back to steal the home she’s always loved. If anybody can stand up to him, Holly can. She’s clever, determined, and most of all, she understands his weaknesses. She has the same ones, after all. But the more she


   Isabel Jolie has revealed the cover for Misplaced Mistletoe! Releasing November 8, 2021 One secret kiss under the mistletoe can never lead to happily ever after...right?   Once upon a time, Nora shared the hottest kiss ever—followed by an equally steamy Christmas—with her boss's super-sexy brother. Then he ghosted her. That was eight years ago. Now, she's completely over it. And when he shows up at the annual holiday party, she will not let herself repeat past mistakes. This time, she'll stay far away from the mistletoe...   Ashton doesn't lose control. Ever. Well, except for that one time. His focus has always been on completing his residency and fellowship programs. But seeing the gorgeous redhead again makes him think that losing a little control, just once more, might be just what the doctor ordered...   Will the magic of the season—with an assist from a certain mischievous matchmaker—convince Nora and Ashton to take a second chance on love? It might just take a

CATCH Me Release

              ♦ ♦ ♦             Twenty-year-old Lauren Miller is a devoted sister, a rebellious daughter, and an outgoing student. Life has made her hard, forced her to create a thick wall around her. A perfect way to keep everyone at bay while it hides the broken pieces inside.  One party. One fatal disaster. And Lauren's wall threatens to crumble to the ground. The mafia is out to get her. The urge to run has never been stronger. But this time, she’s got one huge problem. He is six feet two inches of handsomeness, has a moody temperament and an overbearing attitude, and goes by the name Liam Ressler. The guy is on a mission.  And the fact is, he never fails.           ♦ ♦ ♦                      ♦ ♦ ♦            Enter the Release Giveaway HERE!            ♦ ♦ ♦           Julia Crosswood is a teacher and a mom of two by day. A writer and avid reader by night—or when the kids are napping. Although writing and self-publishing her books take a lot of time, she makes sure there’s enoug

STOLEN: Dante's Vow Release

  Title: Stolen: Dante's Vow Author: Natasha Knight Genre: Dark Mafia Romance Release Date: September 30, 2021 BLURB Five years. That’s how long it took me to find her. Five years after my world shattered, leaving me a scarred and broken man. By then, the girl I knew was gone. In her place stood a woman. One who looked like an angel. An impossible, beautiful angel. I killed for her. Soaked my hands in the blood of those who hurt her and rescued her from hell. But hell has a way of following you. Becoming a part of you. Maybe the only part you recognize. I had every intention of bringing her home. Setting her free. I swear I did. But the men who stole her all those years ago weren’t done with her yet. They’d stop at nothing to get her back. And I’d kill any man who tried to take her from me. She calls me her avenging angel. But I know the truth. I’m no angel. Because even as I tell myself I’m protecting her I know one thing for sure. I am a monster, too. No better than

Never REALLY OVER Release

  Title: Never Really Over Author: Jennifer Van Wyk Genre: Single Dad Small Town  Romance Release Date: September 30, 2021 BLURB With one phone call, Colt's life turned completely upside down, inside out, backwards, spiraled out of control... however you want to say it. He was used to life not going as planned, but this little detour changed his life forever and completely terrified him. But he didn't have time to dwell on the fact he was now this toddler's one and only parent. His little niece Poppy needed him and he was determined not to fail her. But life continued to throw curve balls. While trying to learn his new normal, Layla, his first and only love, breezed back into his life. That might have excited him, but he hadn't counted on the fact that she'd changed over the years. Gone was the girl he fell in love with, replaced with someone he could barely stand to be around. Colt didn't have time to deal with a snobby, bitter grump when he had