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  Title:  Before the Storm Series: Frost Industries #4 Author: Montana Fyre Genre: Dark Mafia Romance Release Date: December 30, 2022 BLURB The weight of my family’s future is on my shoulders. Our parents are gone and there hasn’t been a day since their death that we haven’t been in danger. But now we have a new threat, one that’s getting a little too close to home, and with it brings my very own brand of heroine. She’s everything I shouldn’t want. Sweet. Innocent. Young. But she calls to me like a siren in the deep, and I’m powerless to fight my obsession with her. She was in trouble even before I touched her, but being mine adds a new level of danger. I should send her away, allow her to have a normal life with a someone her own age, someone with a soul. But I can’t let her go. Can I keep her and my family safe? Or will my affections for Ayvah be the downfall of us all? Content Warning: This book contains violence, elements of BDSM, dub con, non con, attempted r*pe, and other themes

FILTHY Sinner Cover Reveal

  Title: Filthy Sinner A Five Points' Mob Collection  & Dark & Dirty Sinners Series Prequel Author: Serena Akeroyd Genre: Mafia/MC Romance Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs Photo: Wander Aguiar Models: Jonny James & Tiffany Robinson Release Date: January 24, 2023 BLURB When my father tries to force me to marry one of his cronies, I run away to my half-brother's home. He's the black sheep of the family, a biker, not an Irish mobster. At the Satan's Sinners' MC compound, I find more than I bargained for. Not my brother, ironically, but a man who gives a whole other meaning to 'white knight.' He's dark and mysterious, a seeker of answers and a finder of truths. Even better? He offers me an out, a shotgun wedding in Vegas. I just don’t realize he has an ulterior motive. But he doesn’t know I have one too… ADD TO GOODREADS PRE-ORDER LINKS AMAZON  US  /  UK  /  CA  /  AU UNIVERSAL AUTHOR BIO USA Today and International


  Title: The Chicago Boys NYE in New York City Author: Karen Deen Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: December 29, 2022 BLURB New Year’s Eve The biggest night of the year. I just want to spend it with my friends Oh and a few hundred thousand others of course A night away from our kids In the town that never sleeps Good food, fine wine and lots of laughter, celebrating the start of another year It all sounds perfect! Of course, in a crazy, Chicago Boys kind of perfect. With the FF boys and their wives hitting New York City What could possibly happen? Oh, the list is long …… ADD TO GOODREADS PURCHASE LINKS Only 99c! AMAZON  US  /  UK  /  CA  /  AU Free in Kindle Unlimited ALSO AVAILABLE AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU UNIVERSAL Free in Kindle Unlimited AUTHOR BIO Karen Deen has been a lover of romance novels and happily-ever-after stories for as long as she can remember. Reaching a point in her life ready to explore her own dreams, Karen decided now was the t

ONE HUNDRED Dreams Release

  Title: One Hundred Dreams Series: Aspen Cove #22 Author: Kelly Collins Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: December 29, 2022 BLURB He’s a man trying to keep things under control. She’s a woman yearning to break free. Is this a disaster waiting to happen or a love story in the making? Actress Cameron Madden is sick and tired of being tired. With her last movie failing at the box office and her career in question, she heads to Aspen Cove to lick her wounds. The small mountain town is the perfect place to escape the prying eyes of a critical public, the demands of her career, and the rules set by her team. Expecting a female bodyguard named Valery, she’s shocked to find the script has been flipped and Valery is a tall, dark, and annoying man who goes by Val. The first thing he does is hand her a set of rules—his rules. And she plans to break every one of them. The last thing bodyguard Valery Armstrong wants to do is babysit an actress, but when the job comes in, he

REVIVAL Release Boost

  Title: Revival Series: Raven's Oath Author: Kate Benson & Kathy Coopmans Genre/Trope: Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance rəˈvīvəl/ an improvement in the condition of strength. I needed a revival after living with a foster mother who allowed people to taint my childhood. But the day Tara moved in, the sister I always wanted but never thought I’d have, life only became worse. I took an oath to protect her. I got us both out of that hell and was sure we’d never look back. But one night, after vocalizing the need to escape my new complicated reality, I met Raven. This time, I’d have to walk away from everything I’d ever loved. Everything I ever held close, save for Tara. In exchange, I was promised anonymity. Family. Revenge. The last was enough for me to take another Oath and I did it with only one regret. When he comes back into my life after five years, revealing secrets and regrets of his own, will I be able to keep the oath’s I’d taken? Or will the revival of my

She will always be MINE Release

  Title: She will always be mine Series: Meant to be Duet #2 Author: Simran Genre: Dark Taboo/Forbidden Romance Release Date: December 28, 2022 BLURB RIAAN “She splintered my heart into pieces and only she will put them back together.” I shouldn’t crave her the way I do. I shouldn’t have touched her, And I definitely shouldn’t have fallen for her. But when fate put her in my sights again, I gave into temptation, And I made her mine. Only for us to get ripped apart once again. Now she’s spilling desperate lies and hiding dark secrets. Saying she’s tainted and pushing me away. The right thing would be to let her go But unlike her, I don’t break my vows. It’s time they all know…. She will always be mine. Note: This is an extremely dark taboo romance where the main characters are cousins. While the first book wasn’t dark, this one explores even darker themes which may not be suitable for some readers. Please read the content warnings inside the book. Since it’s a duet, it cannot be read a