Butterflies & VICIOUS LIFE Pre-Order


Title: Butterflies & Vicious Lies
Series: Fractured Rhymes #1
Author: Kayleigh King
Genre: Contemporary College Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2023


I told her my secrets and she told me gilded lies. The words that dripped from her lips like honey were nothing but empty promises.

Her betrayal blindsided me.

Posie had been my constant. My anchor. My calm. Until she wasn’t.

Now she’s my enemy.

Before I could even the score, she fled to the other side of the country where she thought she was safe from my wrath.

She was wrong.

It didn’t matter how far my butterfly flew, I always knew where she was. All I had to do was wait and prepare for her return.

After five years, Posie has flown back into town, and I have her cage waiting.




USA Today Bestselling author Kayleigh King is a writer of contemporary and paranormal romance. She writes love stories that will stick with you, almost like they’re haunting you.

She’s a Diet Coke and cold brew addict, sharing music is her love language, and she seriously lacks a filter. Anything she thinks, she usually says. And if she doesn’t say it, her facial expressions will say it for her. Currently residing in Denver Colorado, you’ll never find her on a snowboard since she avoids the snow like the plague.

Want to chat about books, music, or life in general? Make sure you join her Facebook reader group and follow her on Instagram. Her DMs are always open to her readers.



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