Effortless Release


Title: Effortless
Author: Jennifer Van Wyk
Genre: Small Town, Single Parent, Blue Collar, Over 30, Contemporary Romance

Who knew a cancelled flight would turn out to be the best night of my life?
He didn’t know what my life was like before he offered me a seat at his table.
I don’t know how, but he could see I was crumbling inside.
I had become an expert at hiding my true feelings and life’s desires but with Cash, he saw through the mask I had grown accustomed to wearing.
That night with him was the first time I was able to be myself. He listened to me.
For the first time in my life, I felt free, wanted, and cherished. But more than that, I felt seen.
Our time together was effortless but unforgettable.
But the night came to an end too soon.

The first time I saw her I could see a sadness in her eyes. As the night went on, the sadness lifted and I found myself doing anything I could to make it disappear.
But the night we spent in each other’s arms wasn’t enough. I needed more with her. Not just her body, her heart and mind.
For the past sixteen years I’ve dreamt of her, compared everyone else I meet to her, and longed for just one more night with her.
Then she walked into my small town and changed my life forever.
Now I can only hope her accepting my love comes as effortless as loving her.


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“Tied up or blindfolded?”
“Umm…” I don’t know which to ask for because both sound incredibly hot.
“Blindfold,” he decides. “We’ll tie you up later.”
“What if I want to tie you up?”
“I’m open to that. Whatever I do to you, you can do to me,” he promises.
My breath comes out in a tremble, excited for what’s not just next to come for me, but for the fun we’ll have with me tying him up.
With tender movements, he binds the silky material around my head, cloaking me in darkness.
“You trust me?”
“Good. Can you see?”
“Only a little bit of light.”
“Good girl. You were honest with me.”
My legs rub together at the term good girl.
Without my eyesight, every sensation is heightened. The way his calloused fingertips trail over my soft skin. His woodsy, spicy scent mixed with sex. The sound of our heavy breathing.
“Hang tight,” he tells me and I feel the bed shift.
“I’ll be right back,” he says, but I can tell he’s not next to me.
I wait impatiently for him to return and feel him climb onto the bed. The sound of ice clinking in a glass alerts me of what’s about to happen.
I tense up at the first touch of ice to my scorching skin, over my nipple, down the center of my stomach, across my smooth mound.
The air around us feels as if it’s crackling.
“Ahh!” I cry out when he slides the ice cube over my most sensitive part.
All while he’s murmuring sweet words that feel like a caress.
My hands reach for him and he chuckles. “Not your turn, babe.”
“I want to touch you.”
“Leave your hands on the bed or I’ll tie you up, too.”
I can hardly breathe, I’m so turned on.
I hear him reach into the glass for another ice cube and he places it once again between my legs before trailing it up my body, over my nipple. “Open.”
Cash traces my lips with the ice cube before placing it in my open mouth. “Suck.”
I suck and he asks, “Do you taste yourself?”
“Mmm,” I hum, letting him know I do taste myself on the ice and that I love it.
“Good girl,” he repeats words to me he used earlier that had me squirming beneath him.
“I’m going to fuck you now, Hadley. It’s not going to be gentle or soft and you’re going to keep this blindfold over your eyes the entire time. You understand?”

From the Ground Up is Jennifer’s first published novel, with the hopes of many more to come. Jennifer makes her home in rural Iowa with her high school sweetheart, three beautiful and amazing kids, one crazy Jack Russell terrier. This is where her love for all things reading, baking, and cooking happen. Jennifer’s family enjoys camping, boating, and spending time outside as much as possible. When she’s not writing or editing/proofreading manuscripts for the many talented authors she’s come to love, she’s sipping coffee or iced tea with her kindle in her lap or binging on Netflix.

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