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THERE'S something ABOUT MOLLY Release

  There's Something About Molly by  Christina Hovland is now live!  Keeping it together. Barely. Molly Princeton hasn't met the right guy. Yes, she's a dating coach. But she's also a single mom with a rocky relationship history. She may be able to help others find love, but she doesn't really need it in her life. Happiness doesn't require falling in love. Winning a matchmaker competition however requires being part of a couple. And darn it, she needs to win this one. That's when she sets her sights on Gavin Frank—the one man she would absolutely never fall in love with. Gavin is her nemesis, her best friend's ex, and yeah, okay, he's sexy as sin. He's also off limits. But she's out of other options. Plus Gavin could use a fake relationship to keep his meddling mother from setting up blind dates with every available woman in the Mile High City. There's no way he'd fall for Molly. None. Nada. The two quickly learn there's a thin lin

Sweet REDEMPTION Cover Reveal

             ♦ ♦ ♦        Title: Sweet Redemption Author: Faye Madden Genre: Sweet, Wholesome & Clean Romance/ Second Chance Romance Series: Bluff Bay Series, Book #2 Release Day: November 19, 2021 Cover Designer: - Get Covers         ♦ ♦ ♦           One glorious summer together. After ten years apart, can their broken hearts be mended? Drew Tyler resents the path he was forced to take. Now a highly successful plastic surgeon to the Hollywood elite, he still can’t forgive his father for making him dump his college sweetheart. But after returning home to help his dad’s struggling medical practice, he’s blindsided by unresolved feelings when he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman whose heart he broke… Cecilia Beckett knows she married on the rebound. And after her husband’s tragic death, she feels emptier than ever. So when the only man she’s truly loved returns to town and charms her four-year-old daughter, all the grief from that shocking betrayal comes flooding

FOUNDED ON Temptation Cover Reveal

  Title: Founded on Temptation Series: Mixtape #2 Author: Kat Singleton Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance Cover Design: Ashes and Vellichor Photo: Miguel Model: Maria Casals Release Date: October 19, 2021 BLURB This means nothing. That sentence would become the biggest lie I’ve ever told myself after spending an unforgettable night with Sebastian Compton. Because he has rules—one night, no strings attached. It’s easier that way. He travels the world as a bodyguard for his best friend and one of the most famous pop icons alive. I’m merely a glorified coffee-runner, still trying to get noticed by my boss. It would never work between us. It should have meant nothing. After all, my best friend schemed to hurt the very man Sebastian was hired to protect—and I knew about it. He shouldn’t want to be near me. We shouldn’t be sneaking around, hiding our feelings from those closest to us. I shouldn’t want him. He’s arrogant, jealous, and possessive—breaking his rules and my boun

THE COWBOY AND HIS Angel Release Boost

  Title: The Cowboy and His Angel Series: Rock Springs Texas #9 Author: Kaci Rose Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: September 16, 2021 BLURB He's a cowboy pastor. She has big dreams that don't include settling down. Is he willing to risk it all to go after the one girl he can't have? I'm not running away. I'm running toward the life I want. William is everything I always wanted. A man my parents would love. But Greg is who makes my heart race. One is a driven businessman in a big city. The other is a small town pastor. One wants me to be a stay at home corporate wife. The other wants me to follow my dreams and wants to be by my side as I do. The problem? The one I'm dating isn't the one that wants to make my dreams come true. But the one I'm dating is the one my parents would have picked for me. What the hell am I going to do? This is a Steamy, Slow Burn, Small Town, Cowboy Romance. No Cheating, No Cliffhangers. This is B

Read Between the Stars Cover Reveal

  Title: Read Between the Stars Author: Natalie Parker Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Lori Jackson Designs Photo: Lindee Robinson Photography Models: AC Parker & Shannon Lorraine Release Date: October 14, 2021 BLURB Ben They say love can happen again after loss. I’ve seen it, and I’ve heard of it, yet it still seems like a myth to me. Maybe because I’ve never opened myself to it But now after a friend has pulled me out of the dark void, I’m seeing signs and feelings I thought were long dead are awakening. And I’m feeling them for Kasey. So many things about her set her far apart from all the rest but it’s her strength I love most about her. That and her little girl, Luna. She deals with her own struggles like a champ but do I want to add the complication of loving a widower to her life? While I’m skeptical at first, with each passing day, the more I believe that there’s nothing she can’t do. Kasey Men sure have a way of making me regret trusting them. Beside