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Get a diploma. Find the love of her life and marry him. Go for a career and have kids. Twenty-one-year-old Kate knows exactly what she wants, but when she gets shot and almost dies, she discovers that life isn’t a checklist. It’s hard, unpredictable, and dangerous.

There are fears to overcome, the mafia to hide from, and Mason Scott to resist. One of Scotts’ Private Investigation and Security operatives who keeps her safe and is a professional womanizer who’s insanely considerate and charming. 

Kate doesn’t do players, which is why she distances herself from his swoon-worthy body and ignores whatever weird fan-girl emotions are going on inside her.

But when another threatening situation forces her to share a small two-bedroom apartment with him alone, Kate might have to reconsider who’s the bigger threat: the mafia or Mason Scott?






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“Really?” he asks as he opens the door of my bedroom and looks me up and down. “It’s perfect what you’re wearing.”

“God, Mason.” I glare at him. “You have to stop barging in my room like that. What if I was naked?”

“I knew you weren’t,” he says self-assuredly. “You didn’t sound like you were getting dressed.”

“I didn’t sound like I was getting dressed?” I repeat. “Now, you have to tell me how that sounds.” I huff, zipping up my hoodie vest.

“I’d demonstrate it if we had time, but we don’t. We need to move, or we’ll be late.”

Late? Maybe I do want a demonstration.

Then I get this visual of him stripping off his black sweat pants and white shirt, and I feel my face flushing.

Oh no.

“What are you thinking about?”

Of course he notices.

I walk straight for my desk and grab my phone. “We should get going if we don’t want to be late.”

And then I slip past him out of the bedroom before I have to come up with a lie as to why my cheeks just flushed bright red.

Or worse, before I involuntarily tell him the truth, again.






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JuliaCrosswood1 (1)

Julia Crosswood is a teacher and a mom of two by day.

A writer and avid reader by night—or when the kids are napping.

Although writing and self-publishing her books take a lot of time, she makes sure there’s enough left to make sweet memories with her family, including lots of vacations—yet it’s never without her laptop or Kindle.

Under the influence of a serious dose of caffeine and after a long, hard, and sweaty run—and of course a refreshing shower—Julia writes romance stories spiced with a touch of drama and a pinch of suspense.



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