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  Title: Hook, Line, and Summer Series: Summers in Seaside Collection Author: Tina Gallagher Genre: Grumpy/Sunshine, Small Town Romance Release Date: July 31, 2023 I’ve loved Adam Barnes for as long as I can remember. We were each other’s first everything and planned a life together. But it all crumbled when my grandmother got sick. How could I not go back to Seaside to take care of her? So I went home and he kept climbing the corporate ladder thousands of miles away. We tried the long distance thing for a while, but that was too painful. So we broke up…and he didn’t come home for ten years. But now he’s back for the summer. I tried to stay away, I really did, but that old pull was too strong. He swears we can make it work this time, but the odds are still stacked against us. I'm rooted in Seaside while his ambition still carries him away from here. Will love be enough to conquer all this time? Summer's jaw dropped as she spotted me. I kept mine firmly closed, but my heart

the GREAT BRITISH bachelor chase Release

  Title: The Great British Bachelor Chase Series: Hollywood Bachelors #2 Author: Lila Monroe Genre: Romantic Comedy Tropes: Exes to Lovers, Grumpy/Sunshine Release Date: July 31, 2023 BLURB Fall for a new exes-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine rom-com from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe! Perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey, Ali Hazelwood, and Emily Henry. Fraser MacKenzie is handsome, Scottish… and the first man to ever break my heart. We had a whirlwind romance during my study-abroad in England, until it ended in an epic ghosting (his), and untold misery (mine). I haven’t laid eyes on his distractingly broad shoulders in ten years… Until I arrive back on British shores for my dream job consulting on a big new production of Pride & Prejudice , and find… that Fraser is working on the movie, too. Or rather, he finds me. Naked in the communal shower. Clinging to a hand-towel and my dignity for dear life. I have zero desire to go strolling back down memory lane with him, e

Clinch Cover Reveal

    Title: Clinch Series: The Diamond Empire Author: Kathy Coopmans Release Date: August 29 Romantic Suspense, Mafia Romance Cover Design: Jill Sava, Love Affair With Fiction Clinch is the next standalone, emotional romance in USA Today bestselling author Kathy Coopmans' The Diamond Empire Series There’s danger in stringing a person along. In making promises and not delivering. In breaking their heart when all you want to do is own it for the rest of your life. Cherish it. Worship at their feet. Before they grew tired of the game, said they’d had enough, they shared pieces of themselves they’d never shared with anyone else. They accepted your lies and excuses about why you didn’t want to make your relationship public until finally realizing they were nothing more than empty words. I know that danger because it’s what I did, and it didn’t matter that I shattered my own heart in the process. What mattered was how deeply I broke hers. Every time I told Cara I was sorry, that she need