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  MR. DEVEREAUX BY MACKENZY FOX Release date: April 29th  Series: Mr. Taboo Series, book #3 Tropes : age gap / taboo (ex step-dad) / BDSM / sex club fun / grumpy-sunshine / sugar daddy / British billionaire / protector / desperate for love / sassy FMC Exciting News! Get ready to dive into the forbidden allure of age-gap romance with Mr. Devereaux by Mackenzy Fox, now live! Get your copy today!   Check out the other books in the Mr. Taboo series   Blurb: From best selling author Mackenzy Fox comes a new taboo series and Mr. Devereaux is book 3: Age-gap, billionaire, grumpy-sunshine, protector romance It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Seeing him again. My ex-stepdad. Mr. Devereaux. The man I thought was long gone and out of my life, not that he was ever in it. His dark eyes resemble thunder as he takes me in. Granted, I am in my underwear, answering his expensive booty call, but still. I had no idea he’d be my first cli

BEFORE WE were us Cover Reveal

  Title: Before We Were Us Author: C.A. Harms Genre/Tropes: Age-Gap, Second Chance Romance, Older guy, Detective, Angst, OW Drama, Standalone Release Date: May 14, 2024 Photographer: Eric Battershell Cover Model: Alex Boivin Cover Design: Melissa Gill She stepped up to my side in a dark club and ordered a whiskey. My go-to drink. I didn’t know her name, I knew nothing about her, but every part of me came alive. For more than a year my life had been turned upside down. I’d hit a wall at every turn, but suddenly the weight had lifted. And the minute she stepped away, I felt the loss. Things are not always as they seem. We all have regrets; parts of our lives we wish we could erase. For me, I wish I could change the order in which those choices were made. Had I only met her first. Had it been her that said yes. Brynn is everything I could ever want, the problem is, my past may keep us from ever having a future. Because before we were us , I was a version of myself I’d

Catalyst Cover Reveal

  Title: Catalyst Series: Meadow Lake #1 Author: Emma Nichole Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Small Town/Single Father Elementary School Teacher Cover Design: Emma Nichole Release Date: May 24, 2024 BLURB Mason Shaw. He’s exactly what I want and need in a man. He’s also off-limits as the father of one of my students. I didn’t expect to be wildly attracted to him the moment he walked into my classroom. Nor was I even looking for this type of… connection. I’m only supposed to share my mind and knowledge as his son’s teacher. Not my body as his lover. I’m a professional. Surely I can resist his perfect, blue eyes, work-calloused hands, and that deep timbre in his voice. Having a temporary tryst with a single father is one thing. Falling in love with him is another thing entirely. Especially when I know for certain I can’t give him what he wants, or needs, in life I want to be his. I want to explore this. I just don’t know if he’ll want me when he finds out how broken I tr

The Handshake Agreement Cover Reveal

    🤍❤🤍 COVER REVEAL ❤🤍 The Handshake Agreement An Age Gap, Second Chance Romance By A. Akinosho Goodreads:  Release Date: May 22 Hosted by DS Book Promotions AMAZON: Preorder US   |  UK  |  CA   |  AU  What to expect: ❤Age Gap 🔥Second chance ❤Contemporary Romance 🔥Possessive MMC Blurb He promised her the world, Then, abandoned her at the altar. Anne I’m a realist, cynical about falling in love. Until I met Declan - the rich and powerful player. With his quiet determination, he dismantled my cynicism and made me believe. Before I know it, I’m flashing a radiant smile, dressed, and eagerly awaiting him at the altar. Only, I got the text - "I'm not coming" – shattering my world. Regret is a waste of time; I stand by my original convictions. Years later, he’s back demanding a second chance, how dare he? Declan I shook on the agreement without hesitation because I had zero plans to marry for love. Ever. Years later, Anne crashed into my life. I find myself craving what I

KINKS OF A Billionaire Release

  Title:  Kinks of a Billionaire Author: Eva Winners Genre: Billionaire Romance Tropes: Friends to Lovers/Who Did This To You Release Date: April 26, 2024 BL URB Royce Ashford. The hottest man I’d ever met. The first man I’d fallen for. I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s older brother for as long as I could remember. His charm and sex appeal could seduce a saint, never mind a sex-crazed woman. With his cocky grin, those broad shoulders, and that filthy mouth, he was a heartbreaker in a leather jacket. And a leading man in every single one of my naughty fantasies. The first time I kissed him, we ended up locked in the friend zone forever. Apparently my smooching skills left much to be desired. In my defense, I was too young and inexperienced. But I grew up and totally got over him. Until my engagement fell apart and Royce swooped in like a prince charming, saving me. One tiny problem. I was falling for him all over again. My lustful imagination, raging hormones and accidental

Rock My Heart Release

  ✩🎸✩  RELEASE TOUR  ✩🎸✩ Rock My Heart A Rockstar Contemporary Romance Anthology  By The New Romance Café  Collection: Book 32 Goodreads:    Genre: Contemporary | Rockstar Hosted by DS Book Promotions AMAZON US | UK | CA | AU *Read on Kindle Unlimited* Description: Backstage passes and heated glances. Life as a rockstar is one party after another. But can life on the road lead to the love of your life? Read sexy stories of what happens in the spotlight and when the lights go out. Brought to you by USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors, in a rockstar collection curated by The New Romance Cafe. Participating Authors: Kenna Shaw Reed Sera Taíno Lisabel Chretien JT Silver Jazmine Skye MacKade Kella Campbell M Leigh Morhaime Ryleigh Sloan Sofia Aves Trinity Wood Michaela Brent Carrie Ann Colla Triti & Angel W. Smith About The New Romance Cafe The New Romance Café is the place to get your daily dose of romance books.  Hang out with like-minded readers and authors at