LUCA Excerpt


Title: Luca
Series: The Bianchi Brothers #1
Author: LM Fox
Genre: Mafia/Crime Family Romance
Tropes: Single Mother/Found Family
Overprotective Cinnamon Roll Hero
Release Date: April 11, 2024



Created from darkness and light, I face each day determined not to repeat history.
My DNA is equal parts Satan and Saint.
I will not allow another woman to suffer at the hands of my family.

So why am I irrevocably drawn to her?

This strong, determined angel deserves so much more than she’s been given. The very last person she should open her heart to…

Is me.

But I can’t fight the feeling,
that no matter how risky this is,
she’s mine.


My life is a fusion of sun and storm.
But I’ve learned you have to take the good with the bad.

But that doesn’t mean I have to keep inviting it in.
We’ve been through enough. The very last person I need in my life…

Is him.

But despite the secrets, the heart wants what it wants.

And it wants Luca.




“Oh, Luca,” I exhale. It’s magnificent. It’s the most exquisite mirror I’ve ever seen. It honestly looks like one I’d imagine Cinderella peering into. That he’d create something so intricately beautiful for me. My eyes well with tears and it’s not long before they’re spilling onto my cheeks.
Turning, I bury my face in his chest. “Thank you.”
“You like it?”
“I love it, Luca. It’s gorgeous.”
As I look up at his handsome smiling face, he swipes my tears away before kissing my forehead. “Here, let me hang it for you. I thought it would look nice over there.” He points toward a blank space in the foyer I’d not noticed before. It’s like it was always waiting for this piece to take up residency there.
“Oh, yes. It’s perfect.”
Leaning on the opposite wall, I gaze at him as he gets to work hanging his masterpiece. It’s a bit overwhelming to observe. Not only his craftsmanship on display, but the way his rugged body moves as he goes about hanging the mirror.
I’ve never had the opportunity to do this before. Languidly watch the man I love do handyman things. Dillon saved those activities for his job. The times at home were more relaxed. Mom had Roger complete whatever tasks she needed at home or hired someone.
However, there’s something infinitely personal about watching a man perform household tasks for you. When it’s in service to someone they care about. And regardless of what he says, I can feel it. His actions betray him. He does care for me. I know it. And there’s no doubt I’ve fallen for Luca.
As he finishes, he steps back, turns, and moves to stand behind me so we can both peer into the mirror together. His arms are wrapped tightly around me, his chin on my shoulder.
“It’s beautiful, Luca.”
“Not nearly as beautiful as the woman in it.” He kisses my neck.
I giggle. “It looks like something a princess would have.”
He drops his lips to my ear, “You are my Principessa.”
My lower belly flutters at his words. That undeniable electrical charge between us is back. But I’m tired of playing this game. “Luca, we need to talk.”
Spinning to face him, I decide to use the new found adrenalin to get some answers. “I can’t do the playdates with benefits thing. I’m… well, I’m starting to have feelings for you. And I’m certain my kids do as well. If you aren’t interested in a relationship with me, and them, we shouldn’t do this anymore.”
I expect him to get defensive. Take a step back. However, he shocks me when he cups my face and leans in for a possessive kiss. His big, soft lips engulf mine before his tongue dips in to play. I’m so caught up in the taste and feel of his mouth on mine, I don’t notice when he moves to grab my ass in his hands and pull me into him. The feel of his hardening length against my belly is making me wet. This is either the most delicious way possible to signal the beginning of a relationship. Or is he deflecting?
Luca pulls back, resting his forehead on mine before gently rocking it from side to side. “You deserve better than the likes of me. All of you do. But I can’t help myself. I’ve never wanted anything like I want this with you. With all of you.”
I lean in to kiss him, so incredibly happy. He lifts me by my bottom and caries me toward the kitchen island. Sitting me down, he starts to unbutton my top but I place my hand over his. “Luca, I wasn’t sure what to expect when you wanted to see me this morning. My mother has the kids, but they won’t be out long.”
His face falls into my chest and he groans. Suddenly, he spins and runs to the front door to flip the deadbolt before rushing back to me. Scooping me up, I wrap my legs around him as he rushes to the couch.
“What are you doing?”
“Shhh. Don’t have much time.”
I giggle. “For what?”
“I haven’t eaten yet.”


Born and raised in Virginia, LM Fox currently lives in a suburb of Richmond with her husband, three kids, and a chocolate lab.

Her pastimes are traveling to new and favorite places, trying new foods, a swoony book with either a good cup of tea or coffee, margaritas on special occasions, and watching her kids participate in a variety of sports.

She has spent the majority of her adult life working in emergency medicine and her books are written in this setting. Her main characters are typically in the medical field, EMS, fire, and/or law enforcement. She enjoys writing angsty, contemporary romance starring headstrong, independent heroines you can’t help but love and the hot alpha men who fall hard for them.



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