Title: Believing Ben
Series: Elite Forces HEAT #1
Author: Harper Cross
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Second Chance/Still the One
Sister's Best Friend/Best Friend's Brother
Release Date: April 18, 2024


Break my heart once, shame on you. Break my heart again, there’ll be hell to pay.

My once-thriving company is on the rocks, my business partner is in bed with seriously bad guys, and I’m in trouble up to my naughty bits. I’m desperate enough to do the last thing on earth I ever want to do: ask for help. Worse, the only man with the skills to save me is Ben Hays, the ex I can never trust again.

After he left me, I picked up my broken pieces and came back stronger. The problem is it feels too good having him back by my side again after so many years of going it alone.

I could get used to being under his protection, but I can’t risk slipping under his spell. Even if one reckless night reminds me why I fell so hard for him in the first place.

Because I’ve spent years building up my protective walls. And if he hurts me again, I’ll hate him forever.

With my Army discharge papers in one hand and multiple job offers in the other, my future’s so bright, I have to wear aviators. A run-in with Savannah Lindstrom, the woman I never got over, derails my plans. Scary people are looking for her and she can’t escape them alone. She needs help and fast.

As the former leader of a rapid-response team, quick rescues are my forte. The problem is Savannah can’t forgive me for not being a long-term guy all those years ago.

I’m the last person she wants to trust, but I can’t let her face her enemies alone. Even if being close to her reminds me of everything that could have been.

Because her entire life is built on a house of cards. And if I can’t fix it, I’ll lose her for good.



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Harper Cross writes award-winning Romantic Suspense. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and binge-watching great stories, especially those full of romance and adventure. When she’s not immersed in fictional worlds, she pursues physical challenges like studying Krav Maga and trying to achieve the perfect crow pose. She also drinks too much coffee, not enough red wine, and just the right amount of bourbon.

Harper lives with her fabulous family, which includes her demanding overlords collectively known as The Cats.



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