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The Handshake Agreement

An Age Gap, Second Chance Romance

By A. Akinosho


Release Date: May 22

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What to expect:

❤Age Gap

πŸ”₯Second chance

❤Contemporary Romance

πŸ”₯Possessive MMC


He promised her the world,

Then, abandoned her at the altar.


I’m a realist, cynical about falling in love. Until I met Declan - the rich and powerful player. With his quiet determination, he dismantled my cynicism and made me believe.

Before I know it, I’m flashing a radiant smile, dressed, and eagerly awaiting him at the altar.

Only, I got the text - "I'm not coming" – shattering my world.

Regret is a waste of time; I stand by my original convictions.

Years later, he’s back demanding a second chance, how dare he?


I shook on the agreement without hesitation because I had zero plans to marry for love. Ever.

Years later, Anne crashed into my life. I find myself craving what I thought I didn't need or want.

Unexpectedly, the agreement I made resurfaced, presenting me with a dilemma:

Marry as agreed or

Lose Anne forever.

Deal accepted, regardless of hurting Anne.

When I find Anne again, she’s engaged, far as I’m concerned, she’s still mine.

I’ll cheat, steal, and fight before I let Anne marry another.

All is fair in love and war. And this is war…hope he’s ready to fight?

The Handshake agreement is a contemporary an age gap, second chance romance with a Possessive MMC

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