rugged southern charmer Release


Title: Rugged Southern Charmer
Series: Magnolia Grove
Author: Fabiola Francisco
Genre: Childhood Friends to Lovers, Small Town Romance
Release Date: April 25, 2024
Cover Design: Sarah Paige

I never imagined I’d be back in my hometown, unemployed, and feeling like a failure. Getting involved with someone at work is a huge mistake, especially when he’s a famous football player, and I’m just a therapist they can easily replace.

The silver lining is reconnecting with my best friend…even if he is hot now. I can ignore that detail, right? I hope so because Dean’s helping me fix my grandma’s old cabin so I have a place to stay, and between seeing him shirtless and working with his hands, I might just give in to temptation.

Crossing that line should be awkward, but when he kisses me on a dare, I feel like he’s sparked life into me.

My time in Magnolia Grove is temporary while I figure out my next steps, and falling for Dean is not a part of my plans.

But sometimes challenges lead us back to where we’re meant to be.

Rae Lynn is back in her hometown trying to make a life for herself. She is a beautiful soul and I loved her immediately. When she runs into her best friend Dean she's shocked but so excited. Dean is the hometown contractor who loves everyone and has a zest for life. When these two see each other again you can feel their deep friendship. Dean takes her down memory lane and it's a joy to see how their friends go from the past to the present. However, Rae Lynn has a life she needs to get back to and these two will have to figure out what is more important their love for one another and the life they want to build or Rae Lynn's dreams? Read all about this beautiful couple. 

In the heart of Alabama, lies a charming little town on the river, where everyone knows your name… and your business.

Follow the intertwined lives of its beloved residents as they navigate first love, second chances, and all the unexpected surprises that their small-town holds.

Welcome to Magnolia Grove, where every neighbor has a story worth unraveling, the roots run deep, and love blossoms around every corner.

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Fabiola Francisco writes contemporary romance, mostly small town romances with swoony book boyfriends and strong and sassy heroines. Coffee fuels her writing—actually, her entire life—and her characters dictate where their story is going. They're in charge.

Her goal is to write stories that will capture your heart and make feel a range of emotions.

She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. She also enjoys country music, exploring the outdoors, and reading.




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