Immense grief causes demigod Calli to do the unthinkable and use her powers to erase herself from the memories of her beloved Henrik. Calli rebuilds herself and her crew, only to be reunited with Henrick by order of the crown to stop Perseus and his accomplices before it’s too late. As remnants of their passion haunt their voyage, will their wounded hearts find their way back to each other, or will past choices stand in their way? Readers who love pirate adventures and Greek mythology with forced proximity and second-chance romances will want to devour Dana Claire’s new Young Adult Novel, War of the Mind.

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His sacrifice could save humanity. Her revenge could turn it to stone. When immense grief turns demigod Calli Bordeaux’s heart to vengeance, she does the unthinkable. Using her powers, she erases herself from the memories of her beloved, Henrik, so that he cannot join her hunt for the notorious pirate Captain Fredrick, Henrik’s savage father. Shattered, Calli rebuilds herself and the crew of her parent’s ship to vanquish her enemy, only to discover a piece of Henrik came with her after all. Unaware that he lost the greatest love of his life, former pirate turned royal guard, Henrik, sets out with Cava’s navy to find a woman the gods forsook and the humans fear. Medusa. Her latest rampage of stony destruction is not mindless slaughter but self-preservation from pirate assassins. The demi-god Perseus has put a bounty on her severed head, seeking the power it possesses to slowly slaughter mankind. United by order of the crown, Calli and Henrik must stop Perseus and his pirate accomplices before it’s too late. Echoes of their past passion haunt their voyage, tipping them into turmoil when humanity needs them most. Can their wounded hearts find their way back to each other in time? Or will the barriers constructed by past choices stand in the way as the world around them turns to stone?

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Copyright 2024 Dana Claire

My legs wobbled as I tiptoed into Henrik’s bedroom, careful to close the door behind me with a soft click. Moonlight streamed through the slightly parted curtains, casting a silvery trail on the floor that guided me across the carpet. I knelt by his bedside and watched his sleeping form, the gentle rise and fall of his bare chest—a chest I had stroked a hundred times but would never touch again. His lips fluttered, giving me pause. Lips I had kissed since I was thirteen and would miss as much as him. His mahogany locks fell over his forehead, a messed look that he never donned during the day but one I always loved to admire while he slept. I lingered by his side, allowing the rhythm of my heart to slow, my eyes tracing over him, memorizing every visible detail for the final time. Gently, my fingers brushed the dimple of his chin, then slowly traced his cheeks, feeling the remnants of dried tears. They were not for his father but shed for me—for my pain. I couldn’t let him carry any more than he already had. I knew I was doing the right thing. He could go on to live a life full of promise, something I could no longer give him. I’d ache for this: his face, the warmth of his companionship, the depth of our love. Yet, deep down, I knew I couldn’t offer him the future he deserved. Our dreams of marriage, of children playing along the seashore, of exploring the world together—those would remain unfulfilled fantasies. A heavy, uninvited burden had been thrust upon me, a path I had to walk alone. I couldn’t, wouldn’t, drag him into this dark journey and risk his soul to Hades. Tears gathered at the corners of my eyes, threatening to spill over. “I love you,” I whispered, my voice a ghostly echo in the darkness. Gently, I lowered my lips to his, bestowing a final, fleeting kiss. I didn’t linger, couldn’t bear to, and our united lips parted too swiftly. “I’ll never stop loving you. For all my days, you’ll have a sanctuary in my heart. In moments of despair or fury, I’ll delve into my memories of you. You’ll be my steadfast anchor, my unwavering light in the darkness. But I can’t return this love to you, not anymore.” My voice quivered as I inhaled sharply, steeling myself. “You deserve a world of happiness, an eternal life of bliss.” With a heavy exhale, I placed my hands gently on the sides of his head. A surge of energy coursed through me, pulsating from my palms. The power within me awakened, vibrating with an intensity that resonated with the new, harsh shriek at the very core of my being. His eyes blinked open, the dark green irises blending with his widened pupils, my name a faint sound on his lips. “Don’t.” He exhaled. “I’m so sorry. It’s the only way.” My voice trembled. “I will see you again… in the afterlife.” My arms shook under the strain, yet I maintained my hold, determined. One by one, I erased our shared moments from his mind: the laughter-filled day at the seaside festival, our playful sparring sessions, the intensity of our first kiss, the passion of our lovemaking, our bold adventures, and each time we’d defied the world with our love. Each memory, vivid and precious, slipped away from his consciousness. The essence of his thoughts, foreign to my senses, tasted of the ocean’s salt and the earthy musk of the woods. As I swallowed, they vanished from his mind, leaving a void where our love had once thrived. When I stood, his eyelashes fluttered briefly before he settled back into a peaceful slumber. His cheek rested against the pillow, his breathing steady and calm. My hands trembled as I backed away, each step heavy with the weight of what I had done. Nausea churned in my stomach, the taste of guilt bitter in my mouth. I crept out of his room, closing the door behind me.

About Dana Claire

Dana Claire is an award-winning author whose stories explore identity, fate, and destiny at the crossroads of romance and adventure. Her love of romantic tension, the supernatural, and non- stop action has elicited positive feedback from many readers, as their online reviews reveal her flair for spine-tingling action and unforgettable characters. Dana is now sharing her stories through speaking events and book signings, introducing more readers to the worlds she created. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her adoring husband living her dreams: writing books, telling stories, and changing the world, one reader at a time.

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