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  Release Date: June 30 It was supposed to be a fake date. It turned out to be true love. My assignment is simple. I’m the fake date of billionaire Alexander Maddox for the weekend. My job: to attend a Hamptons wedding with him and convince all the heiresses and socialites competing for his attention—including his ex, who happens to be the wedding planner—that he’s very much taken. Alexander Maddox is the oldest of the four Maddox brothers, Manhattan’s most eligible bachelors. He’s also the CEO of his family’s legacy investment empire. Loaded beyond belief. And, according to rumors, sexy as sin. But this is strictly a business arrangement. It’s also an excuse for me to get out of town for a few days. I didn’t exactly mean to break into my estranged father’s house and accidentally discover his offshore bank account details. Or to leave those details lying around where my hacker of a little brother with a serious vendetta might find them. He covered his tracks, he said, but we both kno


  Title: The  Beginning of Forever (The Beaumont Series: Next Generation Book 6)  Author: Heidi McLaughlin   Genre: Contemporary Romance   Release Date June 30, 2024 Peyton Westbury is determined to make her dreams of motherhood come true, even as she faces the physical and emotional toll of the IVF process. With hormonal ups and downs and the strain it places on her relationship with her husband Noah, Peyton must find the strength to persevere.   Meanwhile, Noah Westbury, a talented quarterback facing trade rumors and uncertainty about his future, grapples with the pressure of his growing family. As the offers from other teams pour in and the waiting game continues with his current team, Noah finds himself questioning his career and the impact it has on his marriage.   Amidst the difficulties, Peyton and Noah find solace in their close knit family, and their unwavering support, they discover the power of love and the importance of being there for one another. AMAZON | A

Hidden While in Sight Release

  Title: Hidden While In Sight Series: Wicked Defenders #1 Author: Amber Warden Genre: Dark Romance Tropes: Mafia, Hurt/Comfort Obsessive Hero/Stalker Vibes Release Date: June 28, 2024 BL URB Diego digs up dirt for the cartel, dirt they use to ensure business runs smoothly. Only this time, he’s assigned to the perfect rich family with the perfect rich life: a successful lawyer husband, two well-behaved kids, and a trophy wife. It’s a life someone who grew up in the streets could never have. But as Diego watches the family, he begins to notice things. There’s a nervousness to the children. The wife has an obsessive focus on maintaining her body. And tension rises every time the husband comes home. Until one explosive night when it becomes obvious their life isn’t so perfect. Diego witnesses what unfolds and becomes more and more fixated on the wife, Hannah. With every revealed secret, his obsession grows. Because she really is perfect to him. Hannah belongs with Diego. Wh

Hot Ride Release

  Title: Hot Ride A Summer Lovin' Series  Standalone Novella Author: Fern Fraser Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Rock Star/Brother's Best Friend/Road Trip Forced Proximity/Off Limits/Opposites Attract Release Date: June 28, 2024 BLURB Hitting the road with my brother's BFF—recipe for bliss or total miss? Scarlett My always-has-it-together big brother is getting married in a charming but remote town. With limited transportation options, he arranged a ride for me with his cocky best friend, Jett Ryder, the bad-boy rockstar of my teenage dreams. I'm determined to handle being in close quarters with Jett, teasing and all. I'm an accountant, not a groupie. How hard could it be? Yet as the miles tick by, it's getting harder to ignore Jett's smoldering glances and how his husky voice makes my heart race. The attraction is real, but so is the fear of falling for a guy who may hurt me. I'm not cut out for the rockstar lifestyle, and Jett's


            ♦ ♦ ♦ He saw me. He had me. But he won’t break me. What should have been the beginning of my life felt more like a death sentence–an all-encompassing blackness. Evie, my twin sister and best friend, is no longer here. Now alone, I’ve become as dark as the man who tries to imprison me. Julian. He thinks he is all I have left in this world. His to toy with. To manipulate. To fear. But that woman died along with her family that night, and a stronger woman rose from those battered waves, breathing in a newfound purpose–to take revenge and reclaim my life. I am waiting on a black wave, biding my time, until a powerful wave rises in the aftermath of a storm, unexpectedly leaving casualties in its wake, ensuring I will once again be free. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Click HERE to Read the First Chapter ♦ ♦ ♦ L. Renee Richard is a native Texan gone north. She lives in New England with her husband and two teenagers. The other piece of her heart, her oldest son, lives in the south, where she visits