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Bitter LOVE Release

  Bitter Love by Emily Goodwin is now live!  If there's one thing I know to be certain in life, it's to expect the unexpected. I never expected to become a teen mom or have to flee a toxic relationship years later. And I certainly never expected to go head-to-head with Jacob Harris, doctor of veterinary medicine, to prove I'm worthy of running the struggling rescue full of misfit animals I suddenly inherited. Jacob is as smug as he is good looking, and I refuse to let that cocky grin or sharp jawline distract me. I won't go down without a fight, and this time, it'll be easy to stand my ground when my opponent is someone I can't stand--even though my body reacts whenever he's around. This time I'm not backing down no matter how much he gets under my skin. But the more I push, the more he pulls...until I don't know what I'm more at a risk of losing: the rescue or my heart.    Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo!  Amazon:

A Sinful CLASSROOM Release

  Title: A Sinful Classroom Series: Study Hard #3 Author: Mika Lane Genre: Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance Release Date: April 29, 2022 BLURB I’ll do anything to stay in college…even my professors. Working as a hotel maid is a last resort. But it’s the only way I can afford to stay in school. But when my professor makes me an offer I can’t refuse… I can’t turn him—or his sexy friends—down. They want to teach me…naughty things. Expose me to…everything they have to offer. They’re intent on keeping me…at college and for themselves. I’m about to spend time in one sinful classroom. ADD TO GOODREADS PURCHASE LINKS AMAZON  US  /  UK  /  CA  /  AU Free in Kindle Unlimited EXCERPT “Oh my gosh. Sorry I’m late.” I looked over my shoulder to find a red-faced and wild-haired Roxy come blowing into my office. In a blur, she dumped her backpack and coat on a corner chair, and set up her laptop on a flimsy little table I’d pulled out of storage. “Don’t worry about it, darlin’.” I h


  Title: Meet Me at Midnight Author: Melissa Toppen Genre: Friends to Lovers Romance Release Date: April 29, 2022 BLURB Meet me at midnight - whispered words from drunken lips. Lips that I had spent years wanting to kiss. Lips that I had dreamt about night after night, waking to wonder what if. What if he noticed me? What if he wanted me? What if… But I quickly learned some things are better left to wonder. Especially where Levi Mills is concerned. He didn’t just steal my innocence that night. He broke every part of me. Dismantled me from the inside out until there was nothing left of the girl I used to be. Years passed. Moments faded into the background. Until eventually he became nothing more than a distant memory- a dream that almost didn’t seem real. But then suddenly he’s there, standing in front of me again like he never left. And in that one heartbeat, in that one breath, I relive it all over again. Every touch. Every word. Like frozen snippets of time suspended in fro


  Title: Bound to Darkness Series:  Doubeck Crime Family #3 Authors:  J.L. Beck & Monica Corwin Genre:  Dark Contemporary Romance Release Date:  April 28, 2022 BLURB They call me a playboy. Society's pretty pet. What they don’t know is I’m so much more. My only directive was to keep her hidden, and safe. After everything she’s been through I’m the last person to offer comfort and care. I have little experience with either. Both of us have been broken by our pasts. But mine is catching up to me, and I would deal with it as I usually do: with total decimation. But that puts her in the crosshairs, and that’s unacceptable. Old wounds are peeled back for both of us, and it’s time to face the darkness or she’ll never be able to find the light. As for me, nothing but darkness waits. It’s what I want. It’s what I deserve. **This is book 3 in the Doubeck Crime Family Series. It is a complete standalone, and contains material suitable for adults only.** ADD TO GOODREADS PUR

Until ARDEN Cover Reveal

  Title: Until Arden A Happily Ever Alpha World  Novel Author: Skye Callahan Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design:  RBA Designs & Fel Wetzig Release Date: May 6, 2022 BLURB A fresh start is finally in view for Arden Winters after escaping an abusive relationship, but settling in a new town, with a new job, and a two-year-old son has its fair share of obstacles. When her car throws a fit on the way to work and dies in the parking lot, her manager offers a solution—in the form of a broad-shouldered hunk who just happens to be in the restaurant having a couple of drinks with his boss.  Dash Hardt gave up on love years ago, but with one look at Arden, the shadows of his past shrink away. He begins to wonder if there’s something to this “boom” his bosses have always gabbed about but cracking away the chip on Arden’s shoulder that seems to weigh more than the crappy car she’s driving won’t be easy. Can he win her trust before the threat

DIRTY gentleman Release Boost

  Title: Dirty Gentleman Author: Christy Pastore Genre: Dark Romance Release Date: April 22, 2022 BLURB Lauren His world. His rules. When I come face to face with my captor, Valter Kallas—a ruthless mobster, his plans for me are made clear. Do what he wants, and I’ll have a wonderful life. Refuse and he’ll make sure I won’t survive the cruel Baltic winter. Left with one choice, I do the only thing that I can to stay alive—obey. There’s just one problem, his son, Damen. Tall, dark, and dangerous Damen. No matter how much I try, Damen Kallas sees through the lies and barriers I put between us. I should keep my distance. Instead, in my desperation, I ask him for protection—a decision that ultimately intertwines our fates. Trusting him could be my only hope or my ultimate demise. Damen Even in a world as dirty as mine, I have rules that I won’t break. Lines I won’t cross. As the oldest son of Valter Kallas, the head of the notorious Kallas crime family, I’ve never had a reaso