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Leaning, Montana Series Book #1 by J.W. Swartz releases April 25th!

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A story of love, second chances, and redemption set within the landscapes of Montana.


Sammy Black Wolf, a Lakota/Irish ranch kid who plays basketball for the University of Montana has only ever dreamed of getting drafted into the NBA.


A chance encounter with Maggie, a music major from Drummond, shows Sammy there’s more to life than chasing a dream. They share immediate chemistry and their relationship evolves and deepens quickly. 


Everything is going great…until it isn’t. 

A brutal and life-changing attack on Maggie unravels their world and the fallout threatens the pillars of their relationship.


Will two broken souls find their way back?


“Zee, If I tell you this, you have to promise not to tell ANYONE, especially Julie,” Sammy requires. He wants to add Maggie to the list, but he already knows Zee understands this unspoken rule.

“I can’t tell Julie? This must be good.” Zee pauses before confirming, “Okay, I won’t tell anyone.”

“So, I went to pick up Pam after the game last night, right?”


“And I didn’t feel like going out, so we went back to my place.”


“And we, you know, did our thing and I fell asleep.”

“I thought you weren’t spending the night with her, just doing the deed?”

“Ugh. We weren’t. She’s been wanting to spend the night, though, and I gave in. I’m such an idiot.”

“Anyway...” Zee prods patiently.

“Yeah. So apparently at about two o’clock in the morning, I roll over, wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear, ‘I want to make love to you, Maggie.’”

“Shit,” Zee swears quietly.

“No kidding. Shit. Hell. Pick one. Ugh.”

“Wait! If you were asleep, how do you know you said it?”

“Because Pam got out of my bed, grabbed my boot, and threw it at my head.”

“For your sake, I hope she’s a terrible shot!” Zee tries not to laugh.

“No such luck. I have a shiner and a hell of a headache.”

Pre-Order: https://amzn.to/3JvBa4O

Meet The Author:

J.W. Swartz writes contemporary fiction with a little mystery, a little romance, and the kind of real characters who will have you rooting for them from the beginning. Her stories most often take place in Missoula valley of Montana, where the layers of history and culture have blended to form a vibrant, independent-minded, and arts-loving community. She raised her family in the shadow of the mountains around Missoula, and you can find her enjoying local activities with her friends and family.



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