WRATH Release


Release Date: April 15

At an early age, Jon Marcus Matthews learned that a life worth living was one of patience, peace, and kindness. His chosen career was supposed to embody those values. It was meant to help people, but lately, it seemed like he saw more and more of humanity’s darkness. So he was tired, so very tired, but oh, was he stubborn. He refused to give up and held onto the good things in this world. They were what allowed him to carry on, except for one thing—love. When it came to love, he hid from it, walked away from it, even tried to deny that it existed, for it caused nothing but pain and destruction. Then Daigon came along, a woman whose strong nature would challenge every belief he held dear.

Wrath didn’t just reside within Daigon—It held her prisoner. The heavy sense of rage crawled around inside her, filling her veins with an overpowering feeling that drowned out the being she once was. Oh, how she missed those days. Days in which she used to be surrounded by so much peace and love that she believed nothing could crack its cradling shell. Until the day her brother pierced through that beautiful, loving light and cast her into darkness. Worse yet, her Father allowed it to happen. Ever since that day, she traveled the world feeling scorned by every male that crossed her path. Men condemned her, so she condemned them until the day she met one male that did the unexpected. He taught her that wrath was not the key to salvation. Love was.

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Meet Billie Blue 

Dark, Contemporary, and Paranormal Romance Author | TBR Hoarder 
"Seeking Light In Darkness. 

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