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Reckoning Cover Reveal

   ✩ COVER REVEAL ✩ Reckoning Iron Back Warriors By Shannon Heighton Hicks Goodreads:  Cover Designer: Linny Lawless Photog: Gigi Photography Studios: Boudoir & Models Cover Model: Blake Sevani Release Date: February 29, 2024 Hosted by DS Book Promotions PREORDER HERE: AMAZON BLURB: Killian “King” Murphy, president of the IBW MC has found the perfect woman in Dani with her pink kitchen and submissive ways behind closed doors. His time as president of the club his father and uncle began has been rewarding as he has worked hard to build the club to what it is today. He should be enjoying his woman and his retirement years but danger from all sides is closing in. Pope has waited for this moment for thirty years. Killian Murphy and Bradford Anderson under the same roof. These two men have helped to create the enigma called Pope. Now within the “five levels of hell” as Anderson likes to call it, King and Pope will be tested. As Pope awaits the reckoning, he feels he is due, King must co

BITTER Enemies Cover Reveal

  Title: Bitter Enemies Series: Hurtful Love #2 Author: Vera Hollins Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes:  Enemies to Lovers/High School Romance Cover Design: Release Date: August 11, 2023 BLURB Three weeks ago, Carter and I had managed to find each other again. We’d managed to conquer hate and give in to the all-consuming feelings that had always existed between us. Life was perfect at last. Until the next day, when everything came crashing down. Separated by tragedy and the terrible truth surrounding the death of Carter’s mom, Carter and I couldn’t feel further apart, fighting every step of the way and prolonging the cycle of hatred between us. But that’s the thing about hate built on the back of love. The more you try to hate, the more love wants to persist, and with every encounter, my heart bleeds ever more for him, refusing to consider him my enemy. Soon enough, the lines between us blur. But he’s already broken my heart twice. Getting close to him yet ag

Dad's Best Friend Series Release

  Dad's Best Friend Series Genre: Steamy Age Gap Romance Releasing: June 24 - 29, 2023 The Dad’s Best Friend series features deliciously forbidden steamy age gap instalove romances from bestselling authors. Perfect short romances to gobble up, with all the spice you love! OWNED BY MY DAD'S BEST FRIEND BY IMANI JAY Forbidden love has never been hotter... Jasmine I'm spending a week at my family's beach house. Nothing but sea, sand, and a bit of work to catch up on. Just my usual getaway from the city's hustle and bustle. Or so I thought… until I catch my big, buff, tatted, silver fox neighbor stark naked! Jake O'Malley is twice my age, a goddamn zaddy, and a bada$$ retired Navy SEAL. The stuff of effin wet dreams. Oh, and did I mention he was my dad's best friend growing up? Looks like my summer getaway is about to get scorching hot and dripping wet… Jake Jasmine is the daughter of a man I called my best friend for half my life. She's also the c

Kissing MY CRUSH Release

  Title: Kissing My Crush Series: The Kissing Games Author: CA Harms Genre: Friends to Lovers/Accidental Pregnancy/Firefighter Hero Release Date: June 29, 2023 Cover Design: Sarah Paige, Opium House/The Book Cover Boutique Amara Tyler Collins has always been the object of my affection. He just doesn’t know it. I’ve spent years admiring him, fantasizing about him, but never once making a move. That is until I see him across the room, already a few beers in and drunkenly decide to press my lips to his. One minute I’m sharing a drink with a friend, and the next, I’m  Kissing My Crush. Now I’m trapped at a beautiful resort with the man I so desperately want to avoid, to celebrate the nuptials of our dear friends. I can feel his eyes on me. He’s watching. Waiting for what I’m not sure. The fear of rejection is too strong for me to mention the kiss. That night is on constant replay in my mind. I often wonder how he would react if I could confess that to me, our kiss was n