BLESS your HEART Release


Title: Bless Your Heart
Series: Valentine Texas #1
Author: Lyra Parish
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Small Town/Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: June 13, 2023


I have three simple wishes:
1. Keep my houseplants alive.
2. Open a charming bed-and-breakfast in my small town.
3. Never see or speak to Beckett Valentine again.
None of those things are currently possible.

When Beckett decides he’s also interested in purchasing the Horseshoe Creek Ranch, my dreams of owning a bed-and-breakfast become a nightmare.
He refuses to give me what I want while playing dirty—a common theme in our rivalry.
Because of him, we’re in a ridiculous bidding war for the land.

We might have hated each other since our teens, but the stakes have never been so high. And right now, I’m more determined than ever to take down my best friend’s older brother—cowboy boots and all.

**Bless Your Heart is a small town, enemies to lovers, best friend’s older brother, contemporary southern romance with a guaranteed happily ever after. Each book in the Valentine Texas series is a stand-alone. Warning: this book contains tons of Southern sass, sarcasm, and lots of spice! Fade to black is not included.**


Bless Your Heart will be released in audio at a later date.
This book will also be published in German, French, and Italian!


This was a fun enemies-to-lovers story following two neighbors who get on each other's nerves. Summer and Beckett have known each other for years seeing as his sister is her best friend. She has always dreamed of bigger things and opening and bed and breakfast is something she knows she will achieve. When the property next to her family comes on the market she will throw her bid in and win. What she never expected was Beckett to go after it as well. As these two fight for their dreams, they will become a little closer when Beckett pushes her to go on a date. I love the banter these two have, the history, and the love that you can feel. But when push comes to shove who will win the bid for the property they both want and who will be heartbroken from both that and themselves?


Releasing September 19



Lyra Parish is a hopeless romantic who enjoys creating characters who eventually find love. She likes to write Texas small-town contemporary romance books (because she’s a 5th-generation Texan) and romantic suspense. When she isn’t immersed in fictional worlds, you can find her on Youtube chatting about her self-publishing journey or podcasting about romance books. Lyra’s a Virgo who loves coffee, the great outdoors, authentic people, and living her very best life with her hubby. You may or may not know her from when she co-wrote under the USA Today Bestselling pen name Kennedy Fox.



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