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Club Curve #15

By JA Lafrance

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A Motorcycle Club Romance

Max “Commando” Sutcliffe was tired of the muffler bunnies that hung out at the clubhouse. They were always trying to cause drama between the brothers. Until the drama becomes reality for Commando.

One long ride takes him into a small city in the southern tip of Ontario, Canada. As he pulls in for the night, he spots Club Curve and decides it is time to take a load off, get some food and enjoy some good ole Canadian beverages.

Mae Ironside was done trying to find money to pay for her father’s funeral and all the bills that had built up during the last month of his life. Her dad was her favorite person and her mom meant the world to her, so she would do anything to make sure things worked out.

Even working as an exotic dancer at Club Curve, a respectable place where no touching was allowed, and the bouncers made sure everyone was protected.

Two paths cross, one set to settle debts, the other ready to see just what lay beneath Club Curves exotic scene.

About JA Lafrance

JA Lafrance is a Canadian-born author and poet who hopes to bring a body positive approach through her style of writing.

She started writing when she was suffering with insomnia. Her first book was published on a dare. She has fallen in love with bringing new characters and worlds to her readers.

When JA is not writing, she is working with other professionals to help promote their work and encouraging them to chase their dreams.

A lover of sports, cars and laughing, JA can often be found with a smile on her face and a joke on her lips

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