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A Forever LOVE Release

  Title: A Forever Love Series: The King's World #4 Author: Vikki Jay Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Small Town/Friends to Lovers Age Gap/Billionaire Romance Release Date: November 30, 2023 BLURB Carter King– first and only love of my life – a man who became my happy place after my mom’s death. It didn’t matter that he was eleven years older than me or that he was groomed to be my dad’s boss, I loved him with every bit of my teenage heart. But mine was an unrequited love, at least until now. I’m returning home after four years of college, hoping I’ve finally purged Carter out of my system. But he’s no longer the carefree man I remember. Instead, he's a brooding CEO, wrapped in Tom ford sophistication and a touch of vulnerability. Did I say, I wasn't ready for this changed version of him? All my attempts to stay away fall apart and it takes no time for the old friendship to rekindle, evolving into every bit of my teenage fantasies. Carter kisses me in front of hundreds


  YOURS ACTUALLY BY NINA LEVINE Release date: November 30th Genre/Tropes: Contemporary Billionaire Romance / Friends to Lovers/ Playboy and the Girl Next Door / Plus One for wedding season Exciting News!  Dive into the captivating world of Yours Actually by Nina Levine, a contemporary billionaire romance that's stealing hearts!  Best friends since forever, Callan Black and the girl next door embark on a journey from plus-ones to something more. But what happens when stolen glances turn into something deeper, and the lines between friendship and desire blur? Don't miss the chance to experience the steamy romance, banter, and spice of the Only Yours series.  Discover a world of billionaire brothers, weddings, and the irresistible allure of a man who could be the key to a future she never imagined.  Grab your copy and get ready for a wild ride! Now available FREE in KU! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: ht

infatuation Release

  Infatuation: A Dark Mafia Romance by Jane Henry is now live!  The Montavio Brotherhood series continues with Timeo & Starla's story! I'm in love with Timeo Montavio. If only it were that simple. He's my best friend. Practically my brother-in-law... And a cold-blooded killer. I mourned his loss when he vanished from my life six months ago. But now he's back, and he's no longer the boy I once knew. There's a darkness in his eyes that chills me to the bone. When a blizzard holds us prisoner in Bella Notte -- a members only club harboring secrets within its walls -- I have nowhere to run. Even when I want to... Infatuation is a wickedly slow burn friends to lovers dark mafia romantic suspense, featuring an anti-hero, elements of violence, and consensual non-consent. Mature audiences only, please.    Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited Amazon: Amazon Worldwide: Goodreads:


  Title: Wicked Ends A Dark College Sports Romance Series: Hidden Valley Elite #8 Author: Isla Vaughn Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance Tropes: Bully Romance/Enemies to Lovers Release Date: November 30, 2023 BLURB Deceived by my heart. Drowning in fractured memories. Taken against my will. Shane Bennett used me, and for nothing more than revenge. I was a victim, and in turn, I made him one. But that was then. I’m different now—is he? Or is this the moment when everything comes crashing down. The connection between us twists and stretches from the past to the present, abused and strained but undeniably intact. Something— someone —is coming for me. As each threatening note is delivered, the secrets in my mind break free. It’s in Shane’s arms that I feel the safest. But trusting him means that I’m putting everything in my life at risk. Is he worth it? Wicked Ends is an enemies-to-lovers, new adult, bully romance with plenty of angst and a HEA. This is the conclusion of Wick

Shockproof Release

    ✩💙✩ NEW RELEASE ✩💙✩ Shockproof The Shatter & Shock Duet #2  Haworth Enterprises By Xavier Neal Goodreads:  Hosted by DS Book Promotions AMAZON US  UK  CA  AU  Start the Duet here: Shatterproof : Book 1 AMAZON US  UK  CA  AU  Blurb: From USA TODAY Bestselling author Xavier Neal comes the jaw-dropping, heart pounding conclusion to this best friends-to-lovers, forced proximity, romantic suspense duet! The assignment is simple. Don't let the client get kidnapped. Don't let someone kill her. Don't screw up our now very real relationship. It's the last part that complicates what would otherwise be a fairly run of the mill operation. If we weren't dating, the only thing I would have to worry about would be following standard procedures such as making sure her locations are secure. That we aren't being followed. That those in her inner circle haven't been compromised. But because we are, I now have to deal with her sabotaging ex boyfriend. And an unexpec