A Forever LOVE Cover Reveal


Title: A Forever Love
Series: The King's World #4
Author: Vikki Jay
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Small Town/Friends to Lovers
Age Gap/Billionaire Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber
Release Date: November 30, 2023


Carter King– first and only love of my life – a man who became my happy place after my mom’s death. It didn’t matter that he was eleven years older than me or that he was groomed to be my dad’s boss, I loved him with every bit of my teenage heart.

But mine was an unrequited love, at least until now.

I’m returning home after four years of college, hoping I’ve finally purged Carter out of my system.
But he’s no longer the carefree man I remember. Instead, he's a brooding CEO, wrapped in Tom ford sophistication and a touch of vulnerability.

Did I say, I wasn't ready for this changed version of him?

All my attempts to stay away fall apart and it takes no time for the old friendship to rekindle, evolving into every bit of my teenage fantasies.
Carter kisses me in front of hundreds of his business associates, and promises me the all consuming love, I’d dreamt of since I was a little girl.

But despite the familiar, there’s so much unspoken between us. He needs to know what made me flee four years ago. Will my dreams shatter once more in the face of truth?

A Forever Love is a heart-felt, swoon-filled, friends to lovers, billionaire romance set in a small town.





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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


In those early morning hours when I’m alone, my imaginations run wild and I pen down the life of people living in my head. All my life, I have lived in small towns in different parts of the world. The friendships, the camaraderie that people share around me inspired me to create Cherrywood and St. Peppers, the two towns where all my stories take place. 

I write about beautiful coincidences, finding love in unexpected places and times, and fighting hard to get that happily ever after. 

I reject to read, see, write anything that does not promise a HEA. 
My characters are sexy yet shy, strong yet reserved… 

I am married to a man whom I fell in love at an age of 15, proposed him at an age of 23 and married at an age of 30. He has no clue what I write or do when he is snoring quietly in the next room.



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