UNHOLY Vows Release


Unholy Vows by Mila Kane is now live!

We never should have met. She wandered like an innocent lamb into my world, and the door slammed shut behind her.
Leaving her alive and free was a risk no capo would take.
I'll let her live, for a price.
Her freedom.

A forced marriage, age gap dark mafia romance with a jealous, possessive Italian boss anti-hero and the feisty young nurse that wandered unwillingly into his dangerous world.
She isn't what she seems, but it's already too late.
He's obsessed, and nothing, and no one will keep her from him.

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This one is my favorite from Mila Kane it had everything you could ever want in a story. Charlie and her sister have not had it easy and when she tracks her sister one night to a warehouse their lives are about to change forever. Will say I wasn't a fan of the sister but she helped make the story. When Charlie thinks they are out of the woods, well things are about to blow up in her face in a big way. Renato is not to be messed with. Mafia King and all around man that doesn't take crap from anyone. He treats those who are loyal like family and makes sure they are all taken care of. When Charlie is in his crosshairs he's about to do something rash. Now Charlie has to keep not only herself sane from the crazy mixed-up mess, but she has to force herself to hate Renato. The problem is she is not about begging and he's not above the punishment. What happens when lines are crossed, and cops get involved? Love this book and everything it brought to the table.

Meet Mila Kane

I'm obsessed with cats, coffee, and anti-heroes just the right side of insane.

I write dark and dirty romance with the alpha-holes of your most filthy nightmares.

While I like my heroes obsessed and powerful, I like my heroines smart and independent. My headstrong, capable women will bring their own personal demons to their knees, and capture their hearts at the same time.

I only write SAFE stories, there is never a place for another woman in my heroes sights, once he's caught the scent of the heroine, and there will always be, no matter how dark and twisted the story might be... a HEA guarantee xx


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