Bryce, Levi, and Beckett are commanding, overprotective, jealous, and powerful men. When it comes to the women they want, they’ll do anything, including burning the world down, to claim what’s theirs. Fans of Nina Levine, JA Low, and TL Swan will devour the Most Eligible Billionaire CEO Collection from Scarlett Avery, a spicy he falls first, billionaire collection.

Reviews Most Eligible Billionaire CEO Collection

Billionaire Factor—Bryce

★★★★★ “I love this book so much, I read it twice in a row.” —Jacquie ★★★★★ “Ms. Avery has given us a story that pulls you right in!” —Bella’s blog ★★★★★ “You just might need extra panties!!!” —Kindle Customer ★★★★★ “From the first moments, I am completely and thoroughly entranced.” —Blueocean*

Billionaire Hotshot—Levi

★★★★★ “OMG! Ms. Scarlett does it yet AGAIN! I love, love, love this book, and it was so, so HOT! She weaves a great story, great characters and lots of fun..."wink wink," in the process! She is my absolute favorite author. I devour all her books! Keep ‘em "coming" Scarlett!” —JC ★★★★★ “Levi’s book was so good!!! This is the first book I have read by her, and it will not be the last! Levi’s story had me from the get-go, all the way to the end!” —Shopper ★★★★★ “I couldn't stop reading this beautiful love story. Truly didn't want the story to ever end. Can't wait to read more books by this amazing author!” —JoAnna

Billionaire Mogul—Beckett

★★★★★ “Beckett and Arianne. These two. They lit up my kindle the moment they landed on it. What a journey. They gave me everything in a whole lot of moments and kept me hooked to the pages until the last word.” —Renee-Brianna-Tiffany ★★★★★ “This book is VERY HOT. There are LOTS of hot times in this story. It was a really wonderful and intense story with two people who work together.” —Addicted2Romance ★★★★★ “OH, MY HELL! This story is so hot that you’ll totally need your fan after picking it up. And making it an office romance with the shenanigans makes it even hotter in my eyes. This was a very entertaining.” —Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers ★★★★★ “There is no mistake in the chemistry between Beckett and Arianna. This story will give it to you all - drama, laughs, lust, a bet, and so much more.” —Lisa Petty Blurb When a billionaire falls first, he’s willing to burn the world to embers in his pursuit to claim the woman who captures his heart… These three commanding, powerful men come barging in like a force of nature. Jealous. Overprotective. Willing to burn the world down. And unflinching when it comes to confronting the bad guys who would dare to threaten the woman who brings them down to their knees. Nothing (nothing) will prevent them from claiming what’s theirs. A filthy rich CEO who falls first for a woman is what romance dreams are made of. The Most Eligible Billionaire CEO collection contains: Billionaire Factor—Bryce (Tropes: Pretty Woman retelling, billionaire romance, he falls first) Billionaire Hotshot—Levi (Tropes: Cinderella retelling, billionaire romance, he falls first) Billionaire Mogul—Beckett (Tropes: Workplace romance/office romance, opposites attract, billionaire romance, former rock star turned CEO, he falls first)

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Bryce, Levi, and Beckett will capture your heart and make it melt. Each man with their lovely woman will have the type of love and drama you will hope for. Each of these men is so overprotective you will wish you had someone just like them. Find out if the women they chose will tame their wild ways. This collection will eave you wanting so much more.

Collection Excerpts:

Billionaire Factor: Copyright 2023 @Scarlett Avery

I’m really not sure what kind of conversation to make when a man pays for you to be at his beck and call. “Let me go over how the evening is going to unfold,” he says, holding my gaze. All right. No chitchat. Straight to business. “I’m all ears.” He cocks a brow. Even his eyebrows are sexy. How can that be? I scan his gorgeous face, overwhelmed by the intensity of his eyes. Don’t get me started about the few sexy strands of gray hair that caress his temples. Tall, brown-haired men with blue eyes usually leave me weak in the knees, and Bryce Van Der Linden is no exception. Silver fox in the making. I approve. He clears his throat. Crap. I’m ogling. I sit straighter in my chair. Hit me with your best shot. “I’m listening.” “The event starts at seven-thirty. The car will pick us up at ten past, and we’ll arrive in good time since the venue where the Camus Cognac Cuvee foundation dinner will take place is located near this hotel.” “I see.” “You’ll stay by my side during the evening and act like my charming date.” Copy that. “I’ve secured your services from six-thirty to one in the morning, but I don’t expect we’ll stay until the end. The driver will drop us off here, I’ll pay you, and the driver will take you home.” Wait. Aren’t I supposed to get paid first? I guess we’re going to a gala, and that’s not something Todd mentioned in his list of rules. Shit. Bryce continues talking. “There will be a lot of international businesspeople with deep pockets, and if you can help smooth the interactions by throwing in a few sentences in their native tongue, I’m sure it will help me close more deals in the coming weeks.” “I should be able to manage easily.” “Todd told me you have a translation degree, and you speak Spanish, French, and Italian.” “Yes, and yes.” “Since I can barely say hello in any of those languages, I’ll count on you to break the ice. Are we clear?” I nod. “You want me to smile, be charming, and when the opportunity arises, flirt with potential clients in their native tongue.” “Yes, but don’t flirt your way into another man’s bed when I’m footing the bill,” he warns. I didn’t expect that answer. My inexperience as an escort shines bright. Embarrassment colors my cheeks. His face softens. “From what Todd tells me, you’re smart and you pick up on things quickly.” “I am and I do.” I smile despite my discomfort. The waiter returns with our drinks and some tempting appetizers. A few sips of my gin and tonic gives me the courage to ask a question I’ve had on my mind since Todd told me that the uber-successful and very eligible Bryce Van Der Linden was the first client of many to get in touch with him to secure ‘Amanda’s’ services. “Bryce, may I ask a question?” “Of course.” “What should I say if someone asks about our relationship? How should I refer to you?” “Good question. There’s a strategic reason behind hiring a gorgeous and sexy woman who speaks multiple languages. People will spend more time admiring your beauty and being impressed by your language skills than figuring out our relationship, but if someone were to ask, simply tell them you’re my director of international business. It’s a quick and simple way to put an end to any further questions they might have about us.” “Got it. My language skills were the determining factor in selecting me over the other women at the agency?” Did I just ask that? “I’m sorry, Bryce. That came out the wrong way. I’m not questioning your decision,” I say, fumbling over my words. He leans in dangerously close, his cologne—which I’m sure cost an arm and a leg—tickles my nostrils. Holding my brown eyes with his dreamy blue ones, he places a hand on top of mine, and says in a suggestive voice, “Your language skills are a bonus. I selected you because you’re beautiful and you have an incredibly curvaceous body.” His silky words make my nipples stand to attention and send tingles cartwheeling to my pussy. Good Lord.

Billionaire Hotshot: Copyright 2023 @Scarlett Avery

Concern shines bright in his eyes and the stunning aqua shade shifts into a stormy blue as his jaw sets. Why am I spilling my guts to a man who is, for all intents and purposes, still a stranger? He looks over my head, seemingly searching for something, but I’m not sure what. “Come on, let’s get out of the way,” he drags me to the front of lobby, not even waiting for my response. “What’s your name?” he asks. “I thought we weren’t supposed to exchange real names?” “That only applies at the club. We obeyed the rules, but when we’re in the real world, we abide by different rules, J.S.,” he says with a light chuckle. My cheeks blush furiously. “You got my note?” “Of course I did. And for the record, you were wrong.” I furrow my eyebrows. “In what sense?” “We meet again.” “We do,” I say with a small smile. His expression changes, turning more serious. “Can I be honest?” he asks. I nod, because I’m still awestruck. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since we hooked up.” My pulse jumps at his admission. “I really wanted to know who you were. In fact, it was a burning need.” Butterflies erupt inside me. Oh. My. God. “It’s the same for me. When I wasn’t consumed with all this drama––aka my life––you were on my mind.” I spent the better part of Sunday at the office. Sydney came over on Sunday evening to keep me company and help me with my long list of stupid house chores. All the while, we exchanged naughty stories. Her alpha was undeniably an experienced lover, but he didn’t rock her world the way the man standing in front of me did mine. “Are you going to keep me in suspense much longer, J.S.?” he presses. “My name is Jules Salinger.” “Pleased to meet you, Jules Salinger,” he flashes me a smile that makes me forget all my woes. “My name is Levi Aldridge.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Levi.” “So, you’re having a challenging day?” “To say the least.” “I recognize you don’t know much about me, but I’m a great listener.” “It’s okay,” I shake my head. “I don’t want to trouble you. I’ll figure it out,” I lie. As it stands, only a crystal ball—or a million dollars—can help me figure out my next step. “It’s no trouble, Jules,” he tells me. I love hearing my name on his lips. I consider him for a long beat. “Listen, whatever you’re dealing with is weighing on you. Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest.” I let out a heavy sigh. “Okay.” “Good,” he smiles. “I just ended a meeting with my lawyers, and I was heading to the convenient store for a chocolate bar because I’m starved,” he tells me. “If we’re going to talk, we might as well do it in front of a hearty meal and great wine. I know it’s only half past five, but why don’t we have an early dinner? I know a phenomenal Italian restaurant not too far.” “I—uh… Are you sure? I don’t want you to change your evening plans on my account.” “I know exactly what I want and that’s spending the evening with you,” his voice drops a notch or two, sounding wholly seductive, although I’m unsure if that’s on purpose or not. Regardless, my pussy approves. “Oh,” I say, nervously brushing a strand of hair behind my ear. “Do you work in this building?” he asks. “No.” I give him a quick rundown, but don’t mention Hillary. “I took a taxi here. I didn’t want to deal with parking, or worse, a ticket.” And my shitty car is unreliable. “My Range Rover is parked in the garage. Let’s take my wheels and I’ll drive you back to your office after dinner.” “Okay.” Truth be told, I don’t have it in me to argue. Not to mention, in this shit storm that is my life, Levi Aldridge is a beacon of light. I’d have to be stupid not to take him up on his offer.

Billionaire Mogul: Copyright 2023 @Scarlett Avery

A long stretch of silence passes between us. “I wonder how much time we have left before the oxygen runs out in the elevator,” I say. “What?!” “I’m pulling your leg again.” “You’re just mean.” There’s lightness in that statement. “Not at all. I just wanted to get a reaction out of you since it seems it’s all I can get.” She lets out a low laugh. “Are we friends now?” I ask. “Not even in your wildest dreams, loverboy.” “Look at that, you stumbled onto something.” “What are you talking about?” I’m sure she’s sporting a frown. “I’m a lover, not a fighter.” “Moving right along,” she says. I chuckle. Feeling like we’ve made progress, I take a chance. “You smell lovely, by the way.” The closed space traps the exquisite floral scent of her perfume. “Thanks,” she says. “I’m lucky you didn’t eat garlic, yogurt, or sardines for breakfast. Halitosis is so unattractive.” I chuckle again. “Is that your way of saying you like how I smell?” “You’re putting words into my mouth, loverboy.” “I’m going to savor this moment because you just went from hating my guts to calling me loverboy. Twice.” “Don’t get the wrong idea, I still hate your guts, but that was smooth.” “It’s my trademark, along with my dazzling white smile and baby blue eyes.” “Oh, someone is so full of themselves.” “Not at all,” I say. “I’m simply describing my best assets while keeping it PG. Feel free to do the same.” That gets me a laugh. It’s contained, nonetheless, it’s a laugh. “I’m sure your charm must go over well with the women you try to seduce—” “Try? I’m insulted. The word isn’t even part of my vocabulary.” “I guess women drop their panties for you every single time.” “Wouldn’t you want to know, cupcake?” I don’t know how far apart we are, but I take a small step closer to her. Her clothes shuffle and then there’s a thumping sound. “Shit!” she says. “I guess you can’t run very far.” “Don’t you dare touch me,” she says. “I’ve taken self-defense classes.” “I wouldn’t dream of touching you unless you begged for it.” She gasps. I grin wide. “Only a woman who has no sense of her worth would beg a man to touch her,” she says. “I can assure you, they beg for much more than that.” She clears her throat. A million questions bounce around in my head. Is she a screamer in bed? Would she dig her fingernails into my ass as I drive into her? Does she prefer doggie style, or woman on top, or maybe reverse cowgirl. What am I thinking about? She’s not that wild. I bet I could change that in an instant. “Wow, Romeo. You have a hell of an ego.” “Perhaps you’ve never had it good enough to beg for it,” I say. “Women fake it all the time and men are none the wiser.” Feisty. “There are certain telltale signs women can’t fake. A good lover knows that.” “You’re so full of—” The elevator jerks just as she’s about to rip me a new one. The lights flicker back on and static screeches from the ceiling speakers before a voice blares. “This is the Los Angeles Fire Department. Hold on tight. Everything should be restored soon.” I shield my eyes from the brightness. Eager to know what she looks like, I lower my hand and turn my head. I blink.

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About Most Eligible Billionaire CEO Collection

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery unapologetically pens all-consuming love stories featuring sexy as sin filthy rich book boyfriends who have the determination of a thousand warriors. These alpha heroes bow to no one. Only the women who steal their hearts can bring them down to their knees. Scarlett’s stories are intense and passionate, emotional and steamy, and leave you begging for more. In other words, they’re the perfect blend of swoony and sinful. Once you start reading Scarlett’s novels, there’s no going back! Follow: Facebook | TikTok | Instagram | Reader Group | Goodreads | BookBub | Website | Newsletter | Amazon | Pinterest

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