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TINK Pre-Order

  Title: Tink Series: Devil's Handmaidens MC #1 Author: D.M. Earl Genre: Romantic Suspense/MC Romance/Contemporary Release Date: November 3, 2022   President of the Devil's Handmaidens, Maggie "Tink" Rivers' is hellbent on ridding the world of human trafficking. Between her duties as president of her club and her duties in business, she's in over her head, feeling empty and overwhelmed. But when she meets a former Navy SEAL, everything changes. Relocating to Montana is Ellington Rutledge's fresh start. And the beautiful and fiery president of the female motorcycle club is just the new beginning he's been looking for. As Tink and Ellington grow closer, her past comes back to destroy them. With Tink's life on the line and the club at stake, can Ellington save Tink and the club before it's too late? Devil’s Handmaidens MC is a multi-author world focusing on a badass all-female MC with various chapters/locations writt


  Title: Haunted by Desire Finding Love After Death Authors: Emmaleigh Wynters &  Maddison Cole Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: October 31, 2022 BLURB His Love For Her Was Alive, Even If He Wasn't Astra I never knew there was a life after death. A world beyond the Veil. I also never knew I had a stalker, one who watched me from the shadows and vowed to protect me forever. Or that he died saving me. Now I’m haunted. A ghost lingers in the darkness of my sanctuary and I find myself with no escape. Because you can’t escape the dead, you can’t fight them either. So afraid, and at his mercy, confusion follows when I come undone for an aspiration. From the feathered kiss of a touch that seeps beneath my skin. No Straitjacket will stop my ghost from coming for me, or possessing all those who dare to harm me. Hunter I saw her once. The girl with ocean blue eyes and a problematic smile. She was a deviant under the surface. Mischief dwelled within her troublemaker’s


  Title: Reckless Rebound A Cocky Hero Club Novel Author: Brooke O'Brien Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 30, 2022 Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward's New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series. BL URB Jaxsen Wild has landed himself in hot water with the NBA. After letting his temper get the best of him during a game, he’s slapped on the wrist with a warning—get your act together, or your career and the championship with the Miami Blaze is on the line. He wasn’t looking for love, and he certainly never saw Emmy coming when she crashes into him at the airport. Jaxsen is used to women using him for his money and the media dragging his name through the mud. The last thing he needs is another scandal with his name plastered in the headlines. Still, something about how she has no idea who he is, draws him in. Learning her ex cheated on her has Emm

If Only Release Boost

     ★✩★  RELEASE  BOOST★✩★ If Only By CHARLENE NAMDHARI Goodreads:  Tropes: Romance | Small Town | Stepbrother Romance | Age Gap | Slow Burn | Forbidden Hosted by DS Book Promotions AMAZON US  UK  CA  AU  Read on Kindle Unlimited BLURB:  Skye  You know those romance stories where the groom cheats on the bride with her best friend just before their wedding. Well, I happened to be that other woman. Don’t judge. I had my reasons for letting my best friend fuck me over the altar seconds before he was due to tie the knot. After, I straightened his suit, walked him down the aisle, and just before he could say I do, I did the only thing I could. I ran.  Taking our secret with me.  Now, six years later, in a place I never thought he’d find me, he does. Shay  I was twelve when she crawled into my life, stealing my heart. What I didn’t know then, was that she’d keep it forever, something we weren’t allowed. Then I f*cked up and took her virginity seconds before I was about to wed another. Afte