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Title: Rule Breaker
Author: S.M. Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 2, 2022


Max unapologetically lives by a strict set of rules:
  • Work hard
  • Play harder
  • No falling in love
When asked to step in and speak at a seminar for a prestigious New York law school, Max jumps at the challenge.
His rules are tested when Aurelia, a beautiful woman with curves that could turn a saint into a sinner, walks into the room.
She’s forbidden fruit.
Aurelia is off-limits.
Until wanting her has Max teetering on the edge of breaking the rules.

As the youngest family member, Aurelia has been protected and sheltered her entire life.
At 23, she’s eager to finally spread her wings and fly.
Having made her choice to attend the law school furthest from home, she bought a one way ticket and boarded a plane bound for New York.
On her quest for independence and education, Aurelia flirts with temptations of her own.
He’s a sexy big city lawyer.
And her older brother’s best friend.




S. M. Quinn is the sister writing duo Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez, best known for their popular MC series, Kings of Retribution.
S. M. Quinn is a fun new side to their storytelling, delivering dirty, flirty romance.
HEA guaranteed!



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