Claiming Sophia Release


Title: Claiming Sophia
Series: Grey River #10
Author: Maia Dylan
Genre: Paranormal Shifter Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2022


If they had been given a choice, they would have claimed Sophia the day they met her, but for Jack and Maurice Casey, her past and what she needed for her future took that choice away from them.

Sophia knew that she was damaged. How could she not be? Born into a cult to a mother who had been kidnapped, raped, and tortured and then terrorized by her own father. It was enough to screw anyone up! Was it any wonder that when she met two men the Fates had deemed as hers, it made her freak out so bad they had walked away?

Giving Sophia time and space to finish her degrees and become the confident young woman they knew she could be had been the hardest damn thing Jack and Maurice Casey had ever had to do. Knowing that was what she needed, they had done it. But they hadn’t gone far! Watching over her for the past year and a half has been a blessing and a curse, but when she decided she was old enough to make her own choices, and that included dating other men, the time for distance was over.

Just when they were about to prove to her they were what she needed, she was taken. Jack and Maurice must face her demons to get her back, so that they can do what they had been born to do. Claiming Sophia.




Lost Faith (Book 1) is 
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Maia Dylan has been a published author since 2015, and if you had told her that was a possibility ten years ago, she would have laughed nervously and walked away! She has had the pleasure of working with a myriad of authors throughout the years as part of larger publishing houses and has now embarked on a self-publishing journey she has been threatening for many years.

She still writes books she loves to read and enjoys nothing more than hearing from readers who like her work, especially those who have been with her since the beginning and have waited a mighty long time for this to happen so they can read about what happened next for some of her characters.

She continues to live, love and work in beautiful New Zealand and strives to 'stay the course and be happy' just as she promised her father she would.



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