Sweetest Line Release


Title: Sweetest Line
Series: Lavender Falls #1
Author: Cary Hart
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Tropes: Small Town/Surprise Baby/One Night Stand
Release Date: June 15, 2023


If the past nine months have taught me anything: what happens in Mason Creek doesn’t always stay in Mason Creek…

I’m back home in Lavender Falls.
And craving ice cream around the clock thanks to a one-night stand with a sexy bartender I left back in Montana.

Two little pink lines turned my whole world upside down—and nothing in the pregnancy books prepared me for running into my unsuspecting “baby daddy” in the middle of town square.

Of course, he isn’t here for me. He couldn’t be. He never responded to my messages. No, Toby is in town filming a new television series about a single father. Talk about the universe having a funny sense of humor.

Now I just have to figure out if he’s ready to play the most important role of his real life: dad.



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Finley Blake cute name right she is adorable in her own way and I just connected with her in this story. After having one amazing night with a stranger she has found herself with a bonus life that she will do anything to protect and love. Her best friend has been there the whole time making sure she is taken care of. Even though she knows he has more feelings she still just considers him her friend. When the one man she can't stop thinking about shows up in her town well all hell is going to break loose. Toby Tucker is an actor who is trying to get his name out there. When he connects with Finley again he gets more than he bargained for. Now these two are about to embark on something huge and Toby will have to decide what is more important. Will Finley be able to complete with Toby's lifestyle or will they decide to just part ways and co-parent? This book was so sweet and just loving it will melt your heart. 


Releasing September 14

$2.99 for a limited time!



Cary Hart is a sassy, coffee-drinking, sometimes-sailor-swearing Spotify addict and lover of all things books!

She writes relatable romance—from swoon-worthy small-town second chances, to angsty love that’ll rip your heart out, to rom-coms that will have you laughing out loud, page after page. Her characters deal with everyday life—the good, the bad…and the crazy! But they always get a happy ending!

Born and raised in the Midwest, she knows a thing or two about small-town life. When not talking to the characters in her head, Cary has her hands full as a mom to two amazing teens and two spoiled cats! Thankfully, she has a supportive husband who loves her—and doing the laundry! In addition to working and writing full-time, she enjoys way too much Dateline, Friends reruns, and binge-watching the next big thing on Netflix!



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