THE Neighbor Release


Title: The Neighbor
Series: Love Nests #3
Author: Sophia Karlson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2022


She is the key to unlocking the most personal case he’s ever worked on.
He already knows all her secrets, yet to her, he’s a stranger.
Keeping her close is easy, but falling for her could put his case, career, and heart in jeopardy.
Can love really overcome those odds and conquer all?

Marlène Desrosiers has only one goal: get clean and stay clean. When she stumbles over her attractive neighbor one fateful Friday night and their lives get entangled, it seems she might finally succeed. Every time her past tries to drag her back to the dark, Ruben Scott keeps her afloat and she can’t help but fall for him.

Ruben Scott is on forced leave after an incident at work, triggered by the case he’s battled to crack for almost a year. All he wants is to get back on the job and put criminals behind bars. Helping his neighbor quit will fill those empty hours when he should be working on his own issues. But as Marlène and Ruben get to know each other, his growing feelings for her are soon overshadowed by the uneasy suspicion that she could be the key to solving the very case he’s been unable to close for so long.

As Ruben finally confirms the shocking truth, things between them come to a head. When Marlène learns the reason behind Ruben’s seemingly good intentions and the knowledge he has about her past, she questions the motives behind his every gesture and each intimate moment they’ve shared. At a crossroads, Marlène needs to choose between life, love, and moving forward, or drifting back to the past that will keep her prisoner.

The Neighbor is a sensual, emotional standalone contemporary romance that touches on hard topics that might trigger some readers.



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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Sophia Karlson writes sensual, emotional, and evocative contemporary romance, often set in far-flung settings. She used to work in the travel industry before turning to full-time writing. Her first book, Perfect Mistake, was a finalist for the Daphne Award for Romantic Suspense and won the Kathryn Hayes award in 2019. The Shrink, the 2nd book in the Love Nest Series, won the Imbali Award for Excellence in Romance Writing in 2021. All her novels can be read as standalone, although she tends to write about siblings because family dynamics are so intriguing.


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