PRIDE Release


Release Date: April 17

What happens when a group of the most elite soldiers the Canadian armed forces wanted you gone? They’d find away. That opportunity came when I walked in on something I wasn’t supposed to see. Two calls later and I was being shipped back home, but I wasn’t going to go down that easy. I’d fight my way through hell and back to get that spot on Joint Task Force 2. 

Problem was, I didn’t expect hell to fight back. 

When some douchebag hit on me in the bar, the last thing I expected was for him to be the literal devil. Now he has his sights set on me. How was I suppose to fight Lucifer himself? There wasn’t enough training in the world for that. 

Humans. I hated the disgusting little parasites. What my father saw in them I never understood. So when my brother came to me with a bet, I couldn’t refuse. Make the human fall in love with me and Michael would fight by my side. Seemed simple enough. 

After all, I was Lucifer Morningstar. God’s most favored angel and heaven’s lightbringer. I ruled over the abyss and played with souls for fun. 
How hard could it be to make one hairless ape fall in love?

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Meet T.L. Hodel 

T.L Hodel is a Canadian author, poet and artist. Though coming from a difficult childhood she excelled at writing, having her first poetry published in junior high school. 

When she's not writing she occupies her self with numerous crafts, hobbies and is an avid gamer. 

She lives in Calgary with her kids and cat, and may have a slight weakness for horror movies. (Okay, that's a lie, she's probably seen them all)

To learn more about T.L. Hodel and her books, visit here!

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