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Sleet Princess by S.J. Tilly is now live! 

My trip to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding was only supposed to be a few days of obligation and oceanside.

I wasn’t expecting Luke.

Wasn’t expecting the hot hockey player, with the smirks and the tattoos, who kept bumping into me.

And I certainly wasn’t expecting to spend a night on the beach, under the stars, underneath him.

It was magical, but I thought it would end there.

Instead, we exchanged numbers and stayed in touch.

So when Luke invited me to watch him play in Vegas, I went.

And it was great.

Until we woke up the next morning and found the wedding certificate in my pocket.

Turns out that dance party we snuck into was actually a group wedding ceremony.

And now we’re married.

Which is bad.

Because I think our wedding was actually our first date. And if my dad finds out, he’ll cut me out of the family business.

So when footage leaks of Luke and me hot and heavy in an elevator, I have to make up a new plan to save my reputation and career.

Now, all I need is for Luke Anders to act like he’s madly in love with me.

Should be easy.


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Review: Unexpected marriage what could possibly go wrong. Luke and Natalie are so adorable and the passion is off the chart. When they meet and have that magical time together they decide why not keep in touch. They both felt something but knew it couldn't be more than a vacation fling. However the closer they get to one another the more their feelings. Now they are married and she has to beg Luke to show everyone he is madly in love with her. These two will make you laugh and make your insides gooey. Find out what happens when the world gets a look at these two. 

Meet S.J. Tilly

Like all her books, S.J. Tilly resides in the glorious state of Minnesota, where she was born and raised. To avoid the freezing cold winters, S.J. enjoys burying her head in books, whether to read them or write them or listen to them.

When she's not busy writing her contemporary smut, she can be found lounging with her husband and their herd of rescue boxers. And when the weather permits she loves putting her compost to use in the garden, pretending to know what she's doing. The neighbors may not like the flowery mayhem of her yard, but the bees sure do. And really, that's more important.


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