Her Secret Cowboy BILLIONAIRE Release


Her Secret Cowboy Billionaire by Cynthia Woolf is now live! 

Will secrets destroy their chance for happiness?

After inheriting her grandmother's Victorian mansion outside Twin Bluffs, Montana, Chevon Montgomery decides to turn it into a bed and breakfast. It is the perfect solution for her after the tragedy of losing her sister and taking custody of her sister's baby, and the perfect place to hide in plain sight. Guilt rides her hard, along with a deep and abiding hatred for secrets and the people who keep them. If it hadn't been for secrets, she could have helped her sister before she died; secrets that destroyed her relationship with the man she wanted to marry. Even now someone wants her dead, and she finds herself falling for the new carpenter's easy smile and cowboy charm. He's almost too good to be true, but what could the cowboy be hiding?
Brody James is thrilled when he wins a bid to remodel and renovate the old Victorian mansion into a bed and breakfast. Former bronc rider turned carpenter and father, Brody has a secret. He's rich. As in billionaire rich. It is a secret he has kept since moving to Twin Bluffs. He likes to work with his hands, really help people, not just write checks. He's established himself as a hard working cowboy, carpenter, and hopefully a good father. When he meets the new owner of the bed and breakfast, their chemistry is through the roof. Brody wants to be honest with her about who he really is. He wants a chance at forever. But how can he tell her the truth when she makes it clear how much she despises secrets, even good ones? 
Hiding the truth may destroy their relationship. Will their love be able to survive the danger, lies, and secrets they keep? Read Her Secret Cowboy Billionaire to find out!

Chevon's story hurt my heart after she loses her sister and gains custody of her niece she knows it's time for a change. Moving to her grandmother's house that was left to her she realizes it's time to make her dream of owning a B & B a reality. There is a lot of work to be done to turn this beautiful home into a business, but she knows she can do it. When she meets the man who is going to help her there is an attraction, but she has to focus. Brody is handsome and I loved him from the start. He and his son are staying at the B & B to help Chevon repair it and get it ready. These two hits are off right off the bat and it's fun to read. However, when Brody's secret is revealed can Chevon forgive him and move on. Or will the love and friendship they are building be destroyed by timbers?

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Meet Cynthia Woolf

Cynthia Woolf is the award-winning and best-selling author of fifty-five historical western romance books and two short stories with more books on the way. She has also published six sci-fi, space opera romances, which she calls westerns in space. Along with these books she has also published four boxed sets of her books.

Cynthia loves writing and reading romance. Her first western romance Tame A Wild Heart, was inspired by the story her mother told her of meeting Cynthia's father on a ranch in Creede, Colorado. Although Tame A Wild Heart takes place in Creede that is the only similarity between the stories. Her father was a cowboy, not a bounty hunter, and her mother was a nursemaid (called a nanny now), not the ranch owner.

Cynthia credits her wonderfully supportive husband Jim and her great critique partners for saving her sanity and allowing her to explore her creativity.


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