Double or NOTHING Release


Title: Double or Nothing
Series: High Stakes Love #1
Author: Lyla Grace
Genre: Second Chance Rockstar Romance
Release Date: December 14, 2021


Double or nothing: A bet resulting in the gambler winning two times as much or losing it all.

Five years. That’s how long it’s been since Kat Keller last laid eyes on Sutton Cole.

When he boarded that plane to New York, he took her heart with him and left her broken and alone.

When Kat finds out her newest client is none other than her ex, Sutton, she does everything in her power to remain professional and keep her distance.

Forced to be at his beck and call, Sutton doesn’t make things easy on her. The closer they get, the harder it is to resist him.

Can she forgive the man that tore her apart? Or is it her turn to walk away?


When Sutton Cole left Vegas five years ago, he destroyed the best thing that ever happened to him – Kat Keller.

With nothing left for him there, Sutton swore he would never come back.

When his record label signs him up for a concert that he can’t get out of, Sutton has no choice but to head back to Vegas. And straight back into Kat Keller’s life.

One week. One show. Then he’s out of there.

All it takes is one look into Kat’s eyes to make him reconsider.

Still haunted by his past, Sutton knows that staying in Vegas is the ultimate gamble. Still, there’s no doubt in his mind that Kat is worth it.

This time, it’s double or nothing.




Our kisses become more frenzied, filled with need, want, and a multitude of things I can’t describe, only feel. He moves us until my back is pressed against the wall, his lips making their way to my neck, over my breasts, down my body. Shoving up the skirt of my dress to my waist, he presses a searing kiss to my lower belly.
“Open for me, Kat.”
Parting my legs, I brace myself against the wall. The tips of his fingers run from my calf to my thigh, sending a shiver through my body. Lifting my leg, resting it on his shoulder, he moves his mouth farther south. His fingers slip between my body and the fabric of my panties, teasing my center, making me even more needy to feel him against me. I arch off the wall, my hips thrusting against him, begging him. Sutton is more than happy to oblige. The minute his mouth covers me, my eyes flutter shut, and my hands splay flush against the wall as a needy whimper escapes me. I feel his lips against me, curling into a smile I know is filled with arrogance at the way he can unravel me.
God, does the man unravel me.
“Purr for me, Kitty Kat.”



Lyla Grace writes contemporary romance that is filled with emotion and a whole lot of steam. Her heroines are strong and feisty, and her heroes are sweet and sexy.

Lyla loved reading as a child and really fell in love with books while reading the Babysitter’s Club. The series spurred her love of writing, leading her to create her own series as a kid – “Best Friends Forever.” In 2018, at the insistence of her husband, she clicked publish on her first romance novel – Whatever She’s Got.

Growing up watching soap operas, Lyla has always had a flair for the dramatic and a love of all things romance.

She lives in the state where they swear there is more than corn, with her husband and son. She’s an iced coffee addict and loves Swedish Fish. While her heart belongs to romance, she loves curling up on the couch with a good, or bad, horror movie.



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