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COLE & MISTLETOE by Sadie Rose
Release Date: December 1st

Fired from her corporate motivational speaking job just weeks before Christmas, Sloane Morozov makes the decision to spend Christmas at the same lakeside cabin resort from her childhood. But soon her winter wonderland is invaded by Cole Mansfield, a grouchy workaholic, the last thing you should hope to find in your stocking, but who might turn out to be the only gift she needs.

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Sloane is a motivational speaker who is sought out by everyone. She's good and what she does and she loves to talk to people to encourage them. When she gets laid off unexpectedly at Christmas she can't believe it. She's strong and will prevail like she always does. When she decides to go to a cabin that meant so much to her and her mom she will find work and herself. What she doesn't expect is the grumpy neighbor that treats her like crap. Cole has a lot going for him, but Christmas isn't one of them. He is there at the resort to get things up and running again. When he runs into Sloane something inside him changes. He wants to show her he's better than she thinks. But sometimes jobs get in the way and when Cole has to come clean to Sloane can she forgive him? Will this Christmas give them something they didn't realize they both wanted? Sometimes you need to slow down and make snow angels. Loved this story.

Meet Sadie Rose:
Sadie Rose is an American author who pens fantasy novellas and romance novels. When she isn’t writing she enjoys spending her free time reading, watching television and traveling. She lives on the west coast with her husband, son and cat.

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