Title: Growing Up Fat in a Skinny World 
Author: E.L. Robinson Genre: Memoir/Inspirational 
Release Date: October 21,2019 
Cover Designer: Buoni Amici Press 

Life is already hard for a kid but it’s even harder when you are an overweight kid. Imagine growing up overweight in a family where you have the monopoly on it. Join me on this journey as I find my way in a world where being overweight overshadowed who I would become. Come with me as we pull back the curtain and explore what it truly feels like….”Growing Up Fat In A Skinny World", look no further.

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Starlett and I lived together all our childhood. I thought my sister was the coolest. We were different. Growing up Starlett was your typical big sister. She could bully me and torcher me, but no one else better try it. As you already know Starlett was the pretty, slim one. Starlett was a tomboy because she hung out with the uncles and the boy cousins. She was the one climbing trees, playing with frogs, shooting marbles, and hanging out with the boys. I on the other hand did not. I didn’t like rough housing around. I learned quickly that in our family even though you were a girl you could not be a punk. So, I was the crier and I was told to stop crying because they weren’t raising no punks. I told them I was a girl and was told we aren’t having no girl punks either. I was so confused. 
I believe Starlett didn’t like the fact that when I came along, she had to share. Starlett wasn’t big on sharing. I remember this one time she got in trouble because mom bought one soda for us to share and she had one. Mom gave Starlett the soda and told her to share with me. Did I forget to mention we were in the car when this happened. I asked Starlett for some soda and she told me “No this my soda, momma bought this for me.” So innocently I asked momma if I could have some of hers, cause Starlett won’t give me any. Momma went off. She got a whipping over the seat and momma took it from her and gave it to me and told me not to give her any. I felt bad. I only wanted a swallow. 
That was the beginning of my mom driving home the message that we are sisters and sisters don’t fight one another we fight for one another, because we are all we have in this world. Now I won’t say that we didn’t fight because we did when mom was gone. Starlett has made me so angry with her that I chased her with a knife and the broom. She always thought it was funny. I did not! 

EL Robinson is a poet, writer, and author of Growing Up Fat in a Skinny World. A self-proclaimed “Master Baker”, Her first cookbook, “Spiritual Eats” will be out soon. EL has spent the last decade reading and writing novels that indulges the imagination of her audience. She has been a lifelong writer and first began creating other worlds and characters in junior high school. E.L. Robinson doesn’t proclaim to be an expert on romance or self-help; however, she loves to share her story in hopes that it will inspire others. She was born and raised in Memphis, TN but she now resides in Peoria, IL. Through her faith in God she has turned her trials into testimonies that have inspired countless audiences to live their dreams and allow their voices to be heard.


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