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Title: Burn Up
Author: Jackson Kane
Series: Steel Veins, book 2
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 30, 2019
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design

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She didn't see what was coming.

I shouldn't have let down my guard.

For five long years, I echoed the words honor, loyalty, and brotherhood off my prison cell walls. It's all that's kept me going. Now on the outside, seeing my club all twisted up, all I want is my freedom, freedom from everything—including that brotherhood.

Pres wants one last ride out of me then all my debts are paid.

Bullets, fire, a goddamned army, nothing will keep me from finishing this run! Except for the one thing I hadn't counted on.

A girl named Maya.

Burn Up, a motorcycle romance set in the Steel Veins Motorcycle Club, is filled with heat, nail-biting violence, and heart-racing adventure. Burn Up has been reedited, packaged, and is complete with NEW material.

The best thing about being the baddest motherfuckers on the block is knowing that no one has the balls to say otherwise. We could walk around like king shit because people did what we told them to do. Yeah, we were still relatively new as a club, but we took this town over like a tornado.

A club like ours was still small fish in the scheme of things, but without any nearby competition and nobody to fuck with us, we seemed all that much bigger in this tiny-ass pond.

I wasn’t a greedy man, but standing on a bed lined with cash and two girls on my nuts, I knew what I liked.

I was a king, and this was my throne.

“Hendrix, baby. Let me play too. Please?” I didn’t know the raven-haired beauty’s name. I’d paid her to strip dance for me across the room. She was just the background noise—a sexy TV show to steal glances at occasionally while the redhead and I set up different positions. I ignored her until I was ready to change the channel.

A stack of twenties tumbled from the bed as I flipped the redhead onto her back. She giggled and flailed, knocking over a half-full bottle of the most expensive tequila I’d ever seen. I didn’t care as I had a case of that shit next to the bed, and we were both already pretty fucked up.

It was good to be the king.

Life was short, but I lived it to the fullest. Tonight, that meant having the craziest sex I could ever imagine in my room of our clubhouse. Tonight I was a rock star. A fucking rich-ass rock star!

The Steel Veins Series

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Jackson Kane is a professional stuntman, athlete, romance author, and above all else, a hopeless romantic. From American Ninja Warrior, to some of your favorite films, Jackson brings a unique writing style forged from countless harrowing adventures.

He’s a lover of travel, his fans, his romance author peers, dulce de leche, and all things beautifully weird and interesting. He invites you to relax, have a pisco sour and let him thrill and excite you in a way no other author can. Jackson will show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy.

Come with him, and…



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