Blood Moon Cover Reveal

***Cover Reveal ~ BLOOD MOON ~ An Erotic Vampire Novella by Lainie Suzanne
Erotic-lust ~ Vengeance ~ Immortality
Love fades. Immortality is forever. ~ Unknown
Two years ago, Melaina Harrison’s boyfriend was killed in an accident and her life has been in a rut since. Each day merging into the next. Then one fateful night, a dark and seductive stranger walks into her life and shifts her world off its axis. Her new lover’s incredible perception of her wants and desires has her reeling in ecstasy; as if he knows her every thought.
Keres Re is beautiful, intelligent, strong; the epitome of the perfect woman. The perfect vampire. Men fall at her feet, both vampire and human. What more could a woman want? Keres wants what all women want, the love of her life. She found her eternal love, however Andrew died in a tragic accident before Keres had a chance to capture his heart for forever. The death she blames on one person – Melaina Harrison.
For two years, Keres has plotted and formulated a plan to avenge the death of her intended eternal lover. She enlists the help of her brother Marco to execute her vengeance.
Will Melaina discover her lover’s true existence or will Keres enact her revenge?
*** Special Pre-order price - 99¢ ***
About the Author
Lainie Suzanne, author of The Nexus Series, writes Erotic Romance with an element of BDSM. However, she’s always loved the sexiness and eroticism of Vampires, with stories playing around in her head. Lainie has decided to dip her toes in Erotic Paranormal, giving life to her stories. 


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