The Enlightened

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  My secret’s out. Reed knows the truth. The destruction’s done. There’s no taking it back. Reed took all my firsts like a shiny present. He made promises with silky words I greedily kept as truths. But the moment I faltered, he took away everything. Now we’re both guilty of sins. As we come together for Grandfather Ian’s funeral, it’s time to face what I’ve done—what we’ve done. The boy I’ve loved since age eight is now a man; his rage palpable, his turquoise eyes piercing me with an intensity that sets me on fire. Each delicious kiss seems to peel away our ugly past- a past we’re desperate to escape. They say forgiveness comes from within. Can I trust him to forgive me? Have we both been enlightened? I used to believe in the fantasy of a happily ever after. Trouble is my life’s not a fairy tale. The Enlightened is second in The Entitled duet. The story begins in The Entitled.

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Cassandra Robbins writes all-consuming love stories.
A self-proclaimed angst filled romantic, she loves creating obsessive, angst filled characters who fight for their happily ever!
Cassandra lives in Los Angeles with her family and Samoyed Stanley.
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Join Cassandra to celebrate her Release at BestSellers and BestStellars Party Room on December 2 from 12 PM EST - 9 PM EST!

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