Cover Reveal One Year

One Year by M.A.Stone

Coming Spring 2019!!!!

"As the front man and founder of the metal band, Sweet Mercy, I lived a life most men (and women) dreamt about. Booze, women, parties, sex and drugs. Everything that I wanted and things I didn’t even know I needed, were mine for the taking. No one ever told me not to take things for granted, no one ever told me that my life would explode after one fateful night. Now I’m struggling to make it through the day and staying awake all night fighting off my demons.
But then she came crashing into my life, totally unexpected. A friend tells me that I need a year to fix myself. One year to find the real me behind all the sex, drugs and women.

So here goes:

I’ve got  one year to fix all that I've broken, including myself.
One year to mend broken fences and repair burned bridges, but it might take a lifetime.
One year to find what was lost. 
One year to deserve all the love and adoration I see in her eyes each and every day.

That's all I need, just one year.
Photographer: Gigi Hoggard ( aka the Queen ❤️ )
Cover designed by the amazing Cassy Roop📕📗📔📚


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